William and Teresa LaFuze with Donelle and Hill Dishman
Jan 3rd and 4th we fished with the above crew and the fishing was pretty much off the wall. On Saturday the 3rd a steady morning bite turned into a hot bite and by just after 2.00pm we had released 48 sails!! With the action just 18NM off the break wall things were looking good, it slowed down a little in the afternoon though and by days end and lines out at 4.00pm we’d released 58 sailfish from 80 bites and raised around 90. 
Doubles, triples and general cockpit chaos
Flat seas and an awesome bite!!
Jan 4th slowed down some though it was still very steady right through the day with 40 releases from 53 bites. Some excellent averages from them with a 2 day total then of 98 sailfish releases and a couple of nice bull mahi’s, what a great bite!!

Big sail on the fly.
Jan 2nd we had a fun day out there with Hill Dishman on the fly, the bite was good and they were hot on the fly with a few multiples coming in and a couple of double headers released. Only one tippet popped today and we recovered all the rest of the flies with 14 releases from 23 bites and 41 sails in the spread
John and Robert Low with Terry Bailey and son’s Coby and Colton
Dec 31st and Jan 1st we hosted the Low and Bailey father and son teams over the New Year period. John and Robert Low were last down here for Spring Break 2 years ago and had released 45 in two days of fishing so the pressure was on to beat that. We pretty much landed on the fish our first morning out with a cover up of over 7 hot sails behind the boat, incredible start!! Twice we had 5 hooked though a couple dropped off both times in that first frenzy. The rest of the day was steady with doubles, and triple headers, raising 61 sails we released 36 from 53 bites. Jan 1st was a little tough after a large New Years eve. Though the fishing seemed slow in comparison it was actually pretty bloody good with 25 sails released from 32 bites and a 2 day total of 61 releases. Now we have a new goal for their next trip down….
HILL on the FLY Dec 31st and Jan 1st

Allure got in on the same bite on the Dec 31st and Hill Dishman was sticking them pretty good today!! They saw the same, raising multiples and some perfect hot teaser fish to tease in and cast the fly to. An awesome end to the year for Hill releasing 20 sailfish on the fly from 27 bites!! A helluva day to remember….Jan 1st the hangover didn’t help with 4 from 10 bites, still a great 2 day total of 24 on the fly!


Bailey, Larry Fagg, Jeanne and Brent Breaux on a triple header
Dec 30th we welcomed back Guatemalan regular Larry Fagg, this time with his daughter Jeanne, son in law Brent and granddaughter Bailey. The group along with Larry’s wife Linda spent a couple of nights in Antigua before spending the last 2 nights on the Coast at the OASIS and one day of fishing. A reasonable bite had been found off-shore to the east the previous day though we plugged away at the bottom of the pocket and had a great day in there releasing 13 from 20 bites. Great to see the Breaux family all get their first billfish releases!!
Bailey with her first sail.


Drake Dishman.
December 29th we went out the east side looking for a new bite from the previous days out to the west. We found some fish inshore and then again in the deep water off the edge later in the afternoon for a good day on the water with 19 sails raised and 6 releases from 10 bites on the long wand. Good stuff!!

Brad, Graham and Dillon Klein with Chris Bean
Dec 27-28th it was good to see Chris Bean AKA Señor Frijole and Brad Klein back down here in Guatemala, and this time with Brad’s sons Dillon and Graham. It was good to finally meet them! The fishing had been slow so we rolled the dice and headed way out west and it proved to be the right call. With Capt Klein on the helm while I was down below giving a briefing we raised a small blue that came up on everything though didn’t eat anything. After a slow morning we got into some fish around midday and ended up raising 19 and releasing 13 from 18 bites, including a 3 of a Klein triple…..
Dillon, Brad and Graham showing how its done
The next day we were back out there though the clean blue water was getting pushed further to the west, it was steady all day with another 13 releases from 17 bites today. Also a couple of nice bull mahi’s for the bin both days out.
Sail with the lights turned on.


60 in 3 days!
John Buckley and his college buddies came down with Uncle Hill for 3 days of fishing and crushed them good. The fishing was out wide though they found life galore out there with spinner dolphin and tunas, sailfish and marlin. In the 3 days of fishing the group released 60 sails boated tunas and mahis and also raised 5 blue marlin of which 3 ate the bait, though, unfortunately none of them stuck….still an awesome 3 days for the group!!
Cool shot! 
And on the 13th Hill was out on the fly releasing a very respectable 8 from 11 bites.
All good in Guatemala!!
Amazingly we still have a couple of openings in February. As of above the fishing here has been consistently good to excellent, get in touch with us to get in on it as from here on in it is primo!! As of now we have Jan 19-21 available and in February 10-13 and 24-26 on ALLURE II. ALLURE also has availability.



We’ve just received some great news from The Billfish Foundation which has topped of a great first year in Guatemala for ALLURE II. We won Top Overall Release category and Top Sailfish Release category for the Pacific Ocean.  We picked her up June/July 2013 and took her around from Stuart, Florida through the canal to her new home here in Guatemala for the start of the fishing season. From November 1st 2013 through to October 31st 2014 we fished a total of 144 days releasing 1636 billfish, the breakdown being 1621 sailfish, 12 blue marlin and 3 striped marlin. That’s an average of 11 billfish releases a day, our best day out there was 53 from 89 bites on the sailfish with the best blue marlin bite being 5 in the spread for the day.

It has been an awesome year fishing on a great fish raising boat in an incredible fishery, it’s why we’ve made Guatemala our home for the past 11+ years, the billfishing is second to none. A big thanks to all the clients that fished with us this past year on ALLURE II, winning these awards is really down to the anglers…..
Right now we are looking ahead to the next season, so if you’re thinking about a trip down here, get in touch with us to fish on the best boat in Guatemala. We have some prime dates available in February on the boats which are hard to come by and can accommodate groups down at the Lodge…….
Which is a really sweet place to stay!!
See you down here….contact:



Sailfish Oasis Lodge, proud to be a sponsor of the 74th ILTTA

Dec 2nd through the 6th Club Nautico of Guatemala hosted the 74th Annual ILTTA (International Light Tackle Tournament Association) series here in Guatemala. Both Allure, Allure II and Sailfish Oasis Lodge were proud to be associated with the Club in assisting with this prestigious event of 27 three angler teams representing 10 countries. Down at the Oasis Lodge we hosted 5 teams from Venezuela who had a great time and all commented on the excellent facilities, quiet and the perfect place to unwind after a day on the water.
To the fishing, by Guatemalan standards the fishing was a little on the slow side though as the tournament progressed the bite got better day by day. 
Dec 2nd, first day out on Allure II we started well though continued looking down to the west for better activity, we found better quality deep blue water with plenty of birds, bait and life though no billfish. The boats fishing on the flats side of the pocket had a reasonable bite with up to 11 releases. Allure was positioned well with 8 releases and on Allure II we finished the day nearer the bottom with 5.
Dec 3rd we found some fish on the edge of the western side of the pocket in the 400ft-600ft area and the fleet ended the day there with most boats having reasonable activity and up to 15 releases. Allure ended with another 8 releases and on Allure II we had a fun day with angler’s representing Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the Curracao Yacht Club of the Netherlands Antilles. The bite was steady through the day with 10 releases from 17 bites for the guys and 2 blue marlin in the spread as well. We got close to the release on the first blue of around 200lbs when it threw the hook and the 2nd was a red hot 400lb fish on the short right teaser that had no interest in switching to the ballyhoo presented to it. It sure was an adrenaline rush with that big head full out of the water hot on the teaser right behind the boat though she would have been a struggle to get on to with the 20lb tournament line and inside the max 20min fight time….
Take off!!
With a lay day for the teams on the 4th we were back to the fishing on the 5th. The boats went far and wide, to the east and west looking for the best of what Guatemala has to offer. Plenty of marlin seen by the fleet today, blues and stripes though the sail bite was sporadic. Allure ended with 6 releases, on Allure II we had a slow morning though found a bite around midday for our crew representing the US and Costa Rica. In the space of 35 mins we had a flurry that saved the day with 8 releases in the form of back to back triple headers and a couple of singles……and then it shut down. We ended the day with 12 from 14 bites though had to unfortunately DQ one of the fish so 11 counted. On the inside at the bottom of the pocket some boats found some pretty good fishing with up to 15 releases for the day.
Dec 6th and the last day of the tourney in the boat division we were 4 fish off the top boat sitting in 4th place overall. The fleet worked the bottom of the pocket where some boats were having some good activity and the best had been the previous day. On Allure II we pushed wide to 25NM and fortunately found some fish out there with a consistent bite all day ending with 16 releases from 24 bites, good enough to take out the boat division by 2 releases!! The fleet ended up out there and most boats saw good fishing, Allure ended with 11 releases to finish in 6th overall from the 27 boats, a nice tourney for Capt Julio as well. A big congrats to Hunter Blount for taking out the individual angler award and to team Ballyhoo Fishing Club #1 from Venezuela for winning the team event, also to Club Nautico for a successful well run event enjoyed by all.
Team Ballyhoo Fishing Club # 1 from Venezuela winners of the coveted ‘Big Belt’.
Allure II heading back to the slip after winning top boat….

Nov 22nd through 23rd we hosted both boat owners, Craig Johnson and Hill Dishman for 2 and a half days on the water and some great times at the dock with the rest of the ‘crew’ here in Guatemala. Good times and good fishing too with an awesome tuna bite found, so plenty of fresh sashimi to take home for the guys. Some incredible tuna bites out there with all the plugs and teasers getting smashed by some nice sized tunas pushing the 40lb mark…
Craig Johnson with a typical sized tuna…
We also released 13 sailfish from 18 bites with some good sized tough fighting fish out there like this one for Hill Dishman…
Big sail acting like a marlin….
And on the last morning we got into a nice blue marlin hot on the right short teaser that swallowed the pitched mackerel for Craig on the 50lb stand-up gear….
Great way to start the day, 5mins after lines in, tight to a blue…
The fish put on a show, charging the boat on the first run and then going ballistic away, Craig did a great job releasing this nice fish…..
Shades of grey in the early morning sun…
And cocktails in the afternoon sun on the way home….
All in all good fishing and Allure II is proving to be THE boat to fish on here in Guatemala, all the anglers that fished her over the tournament commented on the super comfortable lay-out, large cockpit, excellent mates, overall a great fish raising machine!!. The Oasis Lodge is also THE place to stay here in Guatemala so we have THE package for you…..
Right now the family and I are in Kiwiland for our first Christmas in New Zealand for 12 years catching up with family and catching the local tasty snapper here….
 8yr old Johnny with a nice NZ snapper (squire fish) from last evening.

The Lodge is still open with Capt Hill Dishman hosting a group this weekend on Allure II and I’ll be back on the 26th fishing through the Xmas-New Year period and on. We are super excited about the season ahead and looking forward to a great year overall.
We have had a couple of un-expected dates open up in February and March, these will go fast as they are prime time here in Guatemala and hard to come by. Get in touch with us before they go: 
Cheers and a Merry Christmas to all from the crew on the boats and down at the Lodge.



On the dock end of day one
Nov 7th through 9th Guatemala hosted the last of the 2014 PCCA series and the fishing was hot with the 12 teams releasing a record 849 billfish over the 3 days of fishing with 845 sailfish and 4 blue marlin. That is some incredible numbers right there! 
We fished Team TBF on Allure II and got into the fish the first day though our practice day averages unfortunately didn’t roll over to the tournament day with 25 sailfish releases from 44 bites. We also raised 3 blue marlin on the teasers and got 2 of them to bite though lady luck was not on our side and none of them stuck! On day 2 we ran out wide to where a bite had been found the day before and the guys picked up the pace releasing 29 from 40 bites today with one of the team, Mark Wodlinger winning top angler for the day with 12 of the releases. Nice going Mark..
Seeing ‘no one remembers who comes second’, we rolled the dice the last day running to the east to try to find a bite to overcome the deficit we had incurred the first day. It was a fun day and we found some fish though not in the numbers needed with 11 from 17 and another nice blue that we missed on the rigger. 
A big congratulations to Team Picaflor for taking out the Guatemala leg and to Team Tranquilo for winning the Costa Grand Champion trophy.
Some big sails out there…

Lyn Bilberry
Nov 11th and 12th we welcomed back Lyn Bilberry, Wayne Beason and Larry Fagg returning to the Oasis to fish with us on Allure II for the 3rd time since November last year. That in itself says something of what we have going on here in Guatemala and they were not disappointed! First day we found the fish late with 8 from 12 bites though got into them good the second day with plenty of pack attacks and from the 51 raises the guys released 24 from 41 bites! Helluva day, some good mahi’s for the trip as well.
Wayne Beason with lunch..

And Larry with a good’in

Claude Seago, Gabe Jackson, Randy Spencer and David Froop
Nov 14th-15th we hosted the guys as above along with Jamie Croft and Mike Prosperie. Fishing both Allure and Allure II the first day it was a little slow with the first signs of a cold front blowing through and a bit of wind and chop to deal with. Both boats had some good fishing though with 8 from 13 and 13 from 17 respectively as well as some big mahi’s. 
Taking just Allure II the following day we were greeted with calm seas and the fish were snapping, lots of doubles in the spread and some hot fish on the teasers. The guys made the most of the teaser bite learning the touch needed to pitch baits, let the fish eat, drop back, increase the drag and let the circle hook snag ’em in the jaw. A lot of fun out there with the crew today with 41 sailfish in the spread and 25 from 37 releases. There were some big females around…..
Check out this one for David Froop!!

That is a great start to the season and as usual November is living up to its reputation of being one of the better months down here with the first 8 days of fishing producing 169 billfish releases, that is an average of over 21 a day! December is also a month to look forward to with traditionally big numbers of fish out there as well. If you can’t make it this year then start making some time for next November / December….the best weather and excellent fishing.
We just had notice of a cancellation December 27th through 30th, these are prime dates that have just opened up. If you’re looking to take the family away for a special Christmas treat then this is the place. Get in touch with us here:

End of ’13-’14 Season, Start of ’14-’15


A quick post here from the crew at the Oasis and Allure. The last month we have been super busy with Lodge and boat maintenance though we are now back in the water and Lodge is back up and running with many improvements!
To the fishing…..October 24-25-26 to finish off the ’13-’14 season Allure owner Hill Dishman was back down with brother Jamie and friend Casey McDermand. We ran out wide the first day and found some fish later in the afternoon after a slow morning hunting, a reasonable bite out there in the last couple of hours with 9 releases from 11 bites and a couple of mahi’s.
Beautiful colors
The next day we went out wide and experienced more of the same, a steady bite with 8 from 9 bites released and Jamie got himself a nice mahi right at the end of the day. The guys certainly made the  most of their opportunities over the last 2 days with just 3 fish missed from 20 bites!
With at the best a clean green water out there we decided to look out to the east on our last day and found some beautiful water, a little cool though deep blue and it wasn’t long before we had a couple of mahi’s in the bin and a couple of sailfish releases. Into the deeper water a few miles off the edge we raised our first blue of the day, and from there on we found some good blue marlin action raising 5 blues and tagged and released 2 from 3 bites. We did the same on the sails, 5 raised and 2 from 3 bites and a couple of mahi’s to take home. A great day on the water for the crew!!
Last blue of the day for Hill…

To the start of the new season we fished a short day on November 3rd with Terry Atkinson and Kathy Taylor from San Francisco, leaving the dock mid morning and back soon after mid-day. Fishing the bottom of the pocket we boated a nice mahi and released 3 sailfish from 3 bites.
A great experience for them both and we applaud their fund raising efforts for the local school here, AIS.

James Cambridge and Monica Guevara with one of many!!
Right now we are counting down to the 2014 Guatemala PCCA tournament kicking off tomorrow, Nov 7th. We fished a practice day yesterday with our crew representing TBF, Mick Childs from Hawaii with James Cambridge and his girlfriend Monica Guevara from Costa Rica. To the west of the pocket we fished a large area and had a great day just 15-18NM off the brerakwall. The crew fished extremely well, dusting off the cobwebs and released 30 sails from 37 bites with 39 in the spread for the day. There was one other boat out on the water, they went out to the western edge 42NM out and found an even better bite. A lot of fish out there right now and we are hoping they stick around for the tournament!! It is looking good though, more reports to come…
Get in touch with us to get yer mug in the picture!! We are filling up dates for the season ahead fast, don’t miss out…

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