The core of this group has been coming down for the past 5-6 years

February 3-4-5 good to see the above group back down for Super Bowl Weekend and 3 days of fishing aboard Allure II, Captain Hook, Makina, and Sails Call. Always a good time with these guys rotating boats daily and the fishing was good with the cooler WSW current bringing with it wads of bait, some well fed kind of hard to catch sailfish and something different for Guatemala, a good striped marlin bite.


High flying stripey

Highlights over the 3 days were a triple header of striped marlin aboard the Capt Hook. On Allure II we got lucky with a Grand Slam…

Paul Kennedy with the first fish of the day, a blue marlin tagged and released…

Followed by a couple of these

And Capt Tom finished off the day with the stripey to complete the slam..

Happy crew on the ride home…

With the most consistent boat out there being the Sails Call who accounted for 32 of the sailfish and 4 striped marlin. Great trip all round for the crew, the amount of sails and stripey’s raised and bites was up there though a lot of soft bites and fish that would tease and not switch.

Mike Griffith with his stripey for the trip

The striped marlin bite for the fleet was one never seen before here in Guatemala so it made the trip. Then there was the Super Bowl, awesome game to top off a fantastic weekend! The guys have re-booked for next year which says it all…




Another hard core group on their yearly pilgrimage to Guatemala

February 7-8-9 good to see the core of this group back with a few new faces……the ‘bite’ wasn’t as hot as their last trip down here though still very good fishing with the sailfish and stripeys still on the chew for the above crew fishing aboard Allure II, Capt Hook and Makina.

Stripey boat side before release…

Same as our last trip, we raised a lot more fish than the final numbers suggest, there were a couple of blues, several stripeys and a bunch of sailfish missed, some tough fish out there coming in hot though more soft bites. We marked plenty of bait and the fish were throwing up wads of squid.

Big sailfish for Lucien

We also got into a few good mahi’s..

Paul with a beauty

And on the last day the tunas made a showing with 5 boated for the trip including a couple of hefty fish including this fish for the Capt Hook making it to the gaff..

Kip Sowden with the fish of the trip, this XL yellowfin he landed on 30lb tackle.

The fish took him 2, 1/2 hours to get to the gaff on light line and leader, awesome achievement!!! We hooked a large tuna that same afternoon that peeled off all the top-shot deep into the dacron backing on the 80lb outfit only to come unstuck after getting our angler settled in………

All in all another great trip to Guatemala for the Aud-Sowden group and they have re-booked for next year as well.

We had a last minute cancellation on a 5 day trip so time for some boat maintenance the last few days on Allure II. We did have another group through the Lodge fishing the Piragua with Capt Manolo Feb 12-13 and they released 12 sailfish from 20 bites. There was a large body of green water out there that slowed things down though the blue water is pushing back in and we hope to see the bite pick up in the coming days. We’re back out on Wednesday and looking forward to it. It’s been a different season for sure with the striped marlin bite the last couple of weeks making life interesting, seeing those stripey’s come into the spread with the lights on is something else. We are booked up through end of March, April is starting to fill up though there are still some dates available so get in on them. Traditionally the blue marlin bite heats up as we get into summer….and don’t right off summer here in Guatemala. The fish bite right through the year with great variety out there. Get in touch:



Garrow Wessendorf, center, with family and friends…..

January 27th & 28th we welcomed the above group in for Garrow Wessendorf’s ‘despedida de soltero’, 2 days of fishing aboard ALLURE II, CAPT HOOK & MAKINA, 3 nights at the Lodge and 1 night in Colonial Antigua sampling wines at the Wine Bar and ending up at the infamous Cafe No Sé. Fishing was a little tough in comparison to the previous days by Guatemalan standards though still good fishing overall for the 3 boats with over 50 fish raised and 32 sailfish releases as well as some big mahi’s and yellowfin tunas.

Makina heading out.

Lit up!

Good times all round for this group who fished and partied hard from Houston, Texas….


L-R, Lex Turner, Larry Murff, Bob English, Bart Smith and Bill Howard.

January 29-30 we welcomed in the above group for their first taste of Guatemala and the fishing we have to offer. The inshore bite had died and a big body of cool water had moved in from the SW. We went out wide to the western edge and found plenty of this…

Big and small balls of bait and fish everywhere on the sounder

And it wasn’t long before we hooked into one of these….

A striped marlin tagged and released for Bob English.

It was looking real promising out there with all the bait and fish we were marking, though they were finicky for sure, too much bait down there for them to feed on.

Boatside and ready to let go.

Over the 2 days we raised 45 sailfish and released 20 from 35 bites and the one stipey. Good times with these guys from Alabama!

Lex Turner with his sail before release…



L-R John, Mike and John Jr Habeck with John and Padraic Dillon

Jan 31st and Feb 1st we fished father and sons Habeck’s from New Jersey and The Dillons by way of Antigua, Guatemala and Austin, Tx respectively. The fish were pushing further off and tough to get excited. We saw them on the surface though they were not interested with several fish coming into the spread and leaving just as quickly.

We managed to make a trip of it though with 28 sailfish raised and 13 releases from 22 bites. 

John Dillon with his first sailfish of the trip

And Mike Harbeck with his

The bite slowed down there for a few days though as of today the 2nd of Feb it is on the up. There are some stripey’s still out there and the sails are starting to turn on and the odd blue marlin as well. We have a few big groups in the coming days and are looking forward to getting into it.



Brian Shinkle, Tim and Terrance Lonsdale

Jan 22-25th we just said adios to the above group from St Louis, London, England and Massachusetts respectively after a few great days on the water aboard Allure II, been fishing with these guys for a few years now and always a good time. They released 60 sailfish from 94 bites as well as raising 3 blue marlin, one of them a very large specimen, no luck there, one threw the hook and the other 2 did not switch to the pitch bait, good to see there are some out there though. Good sailfish bite over the 4 days, and all close the break wall, fishing 4-9NM.

Beautiful weather and flat seas…


Cobie Callaway, Kevin Kirkland and Laine Doucet

January 20-21 good to see these fellas back as well! For their 3rd trip down here in the past 8 months they can’t get enough of the fishing in Guatemala, the Allure II and Oasis Lodge. Over 2 days we had 41 sailfish bites as well as 2 blues in the spread, one didn’t switch to the mackerel though Kevin got an awesome bite out of a beauty 400lb+ blue that he got the release on after a tough fight on the 50lb stand-up.

Good times as always, also boated a couple of good mahi’s…..


Capt Bobby Richter(above), Mateo Richter, James and Jake Preis and Jonathan Meyer

January 16-19 from Port Aransas, Texas and another group that are Guatemalan regulars. Over 4 days we released 45 sailfish from 74 bites, got into some mahi’s and tagged and released 2 x blue marlin.

Free jumping sailfish

Bobby got the bite on the first blue of about 350lb….

The bite…

The fight….

And the release…

From there on in the boys broke out their serious tackle, the Zebco saltwater series and released 3 sailfish on it with on for Mateo, Jake and Jonathan.

Mateo after some fine angling skills..

Next day started off with a double before running down to the east where we raised our second blue for the trip, a nice solid 500lb blue hot on the teaser that Jake pitched the bait to, and what a bite…..

The bite.

The fish was a tough one that stayed down though we eventually got her up and got the tag in before releasing her in good strong shape..

Beautiful fish…

Nice going Jake on his first blue marlin release. Good times and good fishing with the Port Aransas crew!


John Oliver, John Musselman and Scott King

January 13-15 great to catch up with John Musselman and Scott King again from Midland, Texas, this time introducing John Oliver from Austin. John Musselman is another regular who has been fishing with us now for several years.

Scott with one of a few mahi’s boated.

First couple of days out we averaged 20 sailfish bites a day as well as a blue marlin being the first fish in the spread for the trip. He bit the mackerel though it came back untouched and went back and ate the ballyhoo rigger bait, though we missed him.

And the guys got into some nice big sails

Last day out they wanted to dedicate the day to looking for a blue. We worked the edges in close for a slow day and 1 sailfish from 3 bites to show for it when at 1315 we got huge teaser bite from a fat 450lb blue. What a bite! Fish teased in switched to the mackerel perfectly and John was on…

Another tough solid fish that stayed down and dirty, John worked her up on the 50lb stand-up and we eventually got the fish boat side and the tag in…

Nice going John!

There you go. There has been some nice blues around and the sailfish bite has been consistent, the past few days the fish have been right in close and there have been a few blues seen in the shallow water as well. We raised a very large fish today that was in the 500lb+ range in 215ft of water. Plenty of bait around so things are looking good for the coming days. We are fairly booked up though there is some availability in April. We do have other boats ready to go in the earlier months if need be. Contact:




Shannon and Robert O’Brien

January 9-10 we welcomed Shannon O’Brien and her son Robert for their first time to Guatemala. What timing, the bite was going off out there and in 2 days of fishing they released 103 sailfish and 1 blue marlin! We had a stiff cold front blow through so first day out we fished in close at the 8NM drop off and were rewarded with a nice 200lb blue marlin hot on the short teaser that switched to the pitched mackerel with a great bite for Robert in the opening minutes of the day.

Robert on the rod

Early morning colors

And on the leader….

We got the tag in it and released 3 sailfish and boated 2 mahi mahi in the morning session all at 8-9NM out of the wind.

Fresh lunch…..

The radio was going off another 15NM out so we ran out expecting the wind to have died down after midday. We had an awesome afternoon out there releasing 27 sailfish to finish with 30 sails and 1 blue marlin for the day. Next day we started in close again looking for a blue at the edge with no luck so ran out to the previous days bite at about 10:00 and we found ourselves a great fishing hole from there on in…

One of many double headers for the day

It got kind of crazy from 10:15 onwards with double header after double header with often times many sailfish behind the boat free swimming. The amazing thing was that boats were seeing them just as thick 6-7NM away. A huge body of fish out there, quite incredible and they were on the bite, aggressive as all hell on the teasers. Things slowed down in the late afternoon though we finished with a triple header to end the day with 73 sailfish released from 104 bites!! What an incredible day for Shannon and Robert who fished strong the whole day through and witnessed a truly incredible bite. Congratulations to them, they finished 2 days of fishing here with 103 sailfish, 1 blue marlin and 2 mahi mahi. Does it get any better?


L-R: John & Nick Schmitz, Mitchel Ward, Doug Gossett and Steve Schmitz

January 7 & 8 it was good to catch up again with brothers John and Steve Schmitz, this time introducing Steve’s son Nick and friends Mitchel and Doug to this amazing fishery. We started in close once again and raised a blue marlin almost immediately at the first drop off, John was on the rod and we got the release on the fish fairly quickly, a great way to start the day! From there on in a slow morning though we got into the fish late in the afternoon and experienced a great bite finishing up with 36 sails released from 52 bites

Next day the wind started blowing and we were on the fish, not with the same intensity as the previous afternoon though it was steady out there all day and the guys were into hooking them off the teasers, a good fun day out there with 35 released from 56 bites to their 2 days here in Guatemala with 71 sailfish and 1 blue marlin released! 

Mitchel and Nick in on the action

Nick and Mitchel with that double boat side…

The bite is on here, what an incredible start to 2017.  We sold January 19-20-21 though now we have had another set of dates open up. February 28th through March the 3rd is open with our group choosing to fish later in May. Get in on this amazing fishing and get down to Guatemala. The Oasis Lodge and Allure II are second to none down here and these are prime dates.




Karlos, Cindy and Miguel Brosig

January 3 & 4th from Midlands, Texas in for 2 days of fishing it was a great time fishing with Karl and Cindy Brosig along with son Michael for their first time in Guatemala. Keen fishos though this was their first billfish trip so we spent some time in the cockpit going over the does and don’ts of using circle hooks and from there on in they were into it. Great first day out as well with plenty of opportunities to hone their skills and we went 23 releases from 37 bites on sails.

At the end of the day we raised a hot blue marlin on the short teaser, pitched the mackerel bait and got an awesome bite right off the transom for Michael…

A tough fish too, though he worked it hard and we eventually got the tag into the fish releasing it in great condition…

On the leader

 And on its way                                                                   

Next day the sailfish bite was steady through the day and they clicked it up a gear with everything falling into place and fished extremely well releasing 25 sailfish from 34 bites. That’s good fishing, a great ratio for them to finish on and 2 days down here with 48 sailfish released and 1 blue marlin!


L-R, Kolbe Curtice, Rory Burroughs and Brian Curtice.

December 31st and January 1st we welcomed another first time group to Guatemala, the OASIS and ALLURE II from Houston Texas father and sone Kolbe and Brian Curtice along with good friend Rory Burroughs. These guys were also novice bill fishermen and left with a bunch of experience under their belts. They jumped in the deep end from the get go also pitching baits to hot sailfish off the teasers…

The bite had dropped off from the large numbers posted the day before though still very good fishing out there with  26 sailfish released from 40 bites, 3 nice mahi’s in the boat and a couple of yellow fin tunas after working some spinners in the afternoon.

Large sail for Kolbe

Next day we got in to the sailfish pretty good in the morning though were lured off shore with reports of marlin being caught on live baits around a current line holding logs and small bonito. No marlin luck for us though Rory got into a couple of nice mahi’s

In the afternoon we trolled back into where we had the sailfish action in the morning and finished strong with good action including a couple of back to back triple headers and a days end total of 30 releases from 54 bites. An awesome 2 days on the water here with 56 sailfish released from 94 bites, 5 large mahi’s and 2 yellowfin tunas. We had a great time with these guys and an awesome time bringing in 2017, and what a start to the new year…..this from Kolbe:

 Chris and Liz

Just a quick note to thank you for a great week-end!

It’s tough to get back to work ….. dark ugly day outside … degrees celsius. Note that I have “Allure II” as my screensaver and find myself of drifting off every hour or two to hear Chris shouting out “ right short teaser” or “FREESPOOL…..FREESPOOL!!”

Thank you for spoiling us. You are an incredible team and gave us some great memories! I can’t wait to create some new ones with you.

Please give Freddy, Karina and everyone else our best.



EJ and Stephanie with Tim on a triple

On December the 29th it was good to fish with the man who pioneered the fishery down here in Guatemala, and who is ultimately responsible for how we ended up here Tim Choate along with his daughter Stephanie and new fiancee EJ Oppenheimer. We fished the inside drop off looking hard for a marlin as the area had been producing for us the past while though got into a pretty good morning sailfish bite.

Stephanie on the leader

The bite was steady through to about midday and dropped off though we did finish the day with 22 sailfish released from 30 bites. Good fishing for EJ who was at it for his first time ever and accounted for 11 of them.


Meanwhile after a slow morning 20NM further offshore the late afternoon bite picked up for the guys out wide the boats out there had 40-50 bites. What a fishery we are have here, the options! Had an awesome day fishing with the Choates and catching up with them, last time I fished Tim was ’05 so it was good to be back out there with him.

We had the 30th in though the bite went off with boats releasing between 40 and 75 sailfish! December as usual was an incredible month here in Guatemala with big sailfish numbers and plenty of marlin in the mix.

2017 has started off strong, it is shaping up to be another incredible year down here in Guatemala, we have and January 19-20-21 open up and right now February 28th March 1st are open as well as March 28-29. April is starting to fill up fast though there are still some prime dates available. Get in touch to get in on them!

Cheers and best to all for 2017.

From the crew on the boat and the lodge.


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