SHINKLE: 24 Sailfish & 1 Blue Marlin

L-R: Sumner Charles, Peter Gray and Brian Shinkle

December 2 & 3 had a great time fishing with our good mate Brian Shinkle, his nephew Charles Sumner for his second time with us on ALLURE II and Peter Gray all from St Louis. First day out we worked the first drop off here at 8-10NM in beautiful conditions, flat seas and the fishing was consistent right through the day with 15 sailfish releases from 23 bites.

Great shot….

Just before midday we raised a hot blue marlin on the left teaser and got the bite on the mackerel, came tight and the fish came charging at the boat, a nice one of about 300lb+ that threw the hook on the 3rd jump….

And Sumner provided lunch.

Next day out the fish were mainly coming up on the rigger baits more than the teasers and were biting a bit funky resulting in a few too many off these:

Another sancocho….

Still an awesome day out there with 9 sailfish released from 20 bites, some big fish in the mix too…

Large sailfish release for Peter

About mid morning we had a hot blue on the right short teaser, we got a funky bite on the pitch bait where it all looked good though the mack came back unmarked. With the bite slowing in the afternoon we ran back a few miles off the drop and marked massive wads of bait in the upper water column and in the dying minutes of the day raised the one we were looking for, a red hot blue that charged in all over the teaser, aggressive bite on the mackerel that Brian did well to control and he got the release on a blue of about 250lb

Great way to finish off a fun 2 days on the water.

TEAM USA: 76 Sailfish

L-R: Capt Eddie Bairez, Scott Kozak, mates José & Alfonso with Bill Evans and J Godwin

Dec 9-10-11 we welcomed back the above crew and OASIS regulars for the first of their ’16-’17 season trips to Guatemala fishing with the Capt Hook. Team USA fished their last trip for 2016 in Guatemala after their earlier trips here Jan through April and then the tournament series through Central America including Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador. They hit the fishing spot on with a 3 day average of 25 releases per day!! That gave Team USA an incredible years end total of 792 billfish releases for 2016. Congratulations to them and we’re looking forward to seeing them here in the coming season.

CONVIVIO: 7 Sailfish








                                         Spectacular afternoon on the water.

Friday, December 9th went out for a late afternoon fish with a buddy and Capt Julio on the wheel. Nice to be in the cockpit for a change catching fish! For our 2 hours on the water we released 7 from 10 bites, some great bites off the teasers and overall a beautiful afternoon on the briny…..


PYLE & BEAL: 60 Sailfish

L-R Jack & Carol Beal and Fred Pyle

December 11th and 12th for their first trip to Guatemala from Seaport, Texas we had an incredible two days on the water with the above group of Fred Pyle and Jack and Carol Beal. Keen fishos that are very active in the Gulf coast tournament scene on Jacks 60ft Bertram this was their first taste of bill fishing with teasers and natural baits and what an introduction…..They got into it from the get go pitching baits to hot teaser fish and with the amount of shots we had it was the ideal trip to learn all there is know. At the days end we had 72 sailfish in the spread with 63 bites and they released 38.

Triple header….

Beauty colors lit up before releasing Fred’s sail

Next day out the bite slowed some from the previous day as we pushed off shore trying to find the main body of fish that we’d been on though still and excellent day with 43 sails raised and they released 22 from 37 bites to round off the trip on an even 60 sailfish released from 100 bites!! Great trip with a fun crew and we’re looking forward to seeing them back here in Guatemala as regulars from here on in.

It’s all about the bite. A pitch bait about to be engulfed….

Jack about to get the release

Carol and Jack with the 60th sailfish release for the trip



L-R Chris Springer, Ron Smith, Steve Springer, Tres Sterett and Rick Douglas

December 16th and 17th another group for their first trip to Guatemala and hailing from Texas to Illinois to Kentucky to Florida…..Chris Springer and friend Tres Sterett organized this trip for Steve Springers 70th birthday getting Steve’s good buddies and Ron Smith and Rick Douglas along. A great winter getaway with beautiful flat seas and the fish were biting. First day out we started at the 9NM drop off and raised 2 blue marlin in the morning session, we missed on and the other teased in though di not switch to the pitched mackerel… marlin luck though good to see all the same. For the rest of the day we pushed off shore and released 11 from 20 sailfish bites before hitting the dock early where the crew enjoyed the poolside bar at the lodge for the rest of the afternoon.










                                                                                 Steve Springer with his first sail

Tres Sterett with another fat fish…

                                                             And Chris with his.

Next day out the bite slowed down some with the green water pushing in so we ran off shore to the west where we got into blue water and a good afternoon bite. A bit of trouble having the hooks stick again today though some great fish in the spread with a cover-up of 6 sails behind the boat, from the resulting quad hooked up we released a triple header.










                                                        Ron Smith with his boat side before release.

And for the last 45mins of the day we changed top the fly. Rick Douglas a good keen man on the fly rod has traveled the world flyfishing in the worlds hotspots so the guys wanted him to have a crack at a billfish on the long wand. In the dying minutes after raising several fish that didn’t tease all the way in we raised a hot fish that the mates teased in. Rick laid out the perfect cast, and with the boat dead in the water the fish came from deep and nailed the fly with an incredible bite. 1 cast, 1 bite, 1 release for Rick, what a finish for a great 70th birthday celebration for Steve and the crew…

Good effort Rick!

Good consistent fishing for our groups in December. From here on in the pace picks up as we get into January with not many days left available. Right now we do have January 11-12th open. February 28th and March 1st as well as March 28 and 29th. April is starting to fill up though as of now in April: 2nd to the 6th, 16th-19th and the 24th on are available. Book now to avoid disappointment and get into some of this incredible fishing. 

**JANUARY 19-20-21 we had a large group trim down so we have 3 boats available over this time frame. These are prime dates into a weekend that have just opened up. Get in touch to secure them as they will not last!

And from me and the crew on the boat and the staff at the lodge Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas and the best New Year to all our friends that have fished with us in the past and we look forward to seeing and fishing with you in 2017….Cheers!




Whitney, Garrett, Trish and Gerald Payne

We welcomed in the above family to Guatemala and SAILFISH OASIS LODGE for their first time with a big Thanksgiving dinner on their arrival Thursday evening. From there on in they had 2 days of fishing aboard ALLURE II and a trip to give thanks for! First day with the blue water having pushed in we stopped in close and tried the first drop off at about 10nm. Within the first 20min we’d raised 2 sails and a blue so worked the area hard and ended with a great day, good consistent fishing right through.


Gerald and Trish with a double header

Final tally for the day 23 sailfish in the spread with 16 released from 21 bites, 5 blue marlin raised in the teasers with 2 released from 3 bites and 2 nice mahi mahi in the boat.



Garrett with his first blue


And Whitney putting the heat on hers… 



We started the next day with a triple in the spread right on the drop off, 2 sails and a striped marlin in the teasers, we released 1 of the sails and this nice stripey for Trish…


Nice way to start the day!!

Hopes were high for a blue to complete the slam though try as we did, no joy. We did release 11 sails from 17 bites for the day and a 2 day total of 27 sailfish, 2 blue marlin, 1 striped marlin and 2 mahi mahi. What a great family Thanksgiving trip!




Tommy and Melissa Vinas for their first trip abroad and their first offshore bill fishing trip chose Guatemala, SAILFISH OASIS and ALLURE II and what a first trip it was for them. First day we found some fish at about 35nm in front and ended the day with 10 sailfish released from 16 bites.


At about midday we got into the mahi’s pretty good boating 5 nice sized fish including this beauty of about 40lb for Melissa….


59 inch bull mahi for Melissa!

The next day proved a bit tougher, though both Tommy and Melissa were hooking their own fish and did a great job with the few opportunities we had releasing 5 sailfish from 5  bites.


Out off the western corner at about mid afternoon we raised a hot striped marlin on the right teaser and Tommy got the release on the 50lb standup after a tough battle.




Late in the afternoon we ran in to the western side of the pocket looking for a blue to complete the slam and in the last minutes of the day raised a hot blue marlin on the short teaser. Things got a bit anxious when we missed it the first 2 times though the fish piled on the bait the 3rd time and Melissa got a great release on a tough fish of about 200lb.



Congrats to them both on some excellent angling and a grand slam on their first offshore bill fishing trip, That’s a hard one to top!

 An awesome 2 days of fishing with 15 sailfish released, 1 blue marlin, 1 striped marlin and 5 large mahi mahi in the boat…



We hosted Brian and Lori Irwin from New Hampshire for a 3 night 2 day flyfishing trip and they finished their stay with a couple of nights in Antigua. Over 2 days we raised 29 sailfish into the spread and got 18 of them to bite the fly of which 7 were released.


Cool pic from Brian of Lori with her first sailfish release on the fly



And Brian with his…..

On our last day out we raised a hot 200lb blue marlin into the spread and teased to casting distance, Brian made the cast though fish did not switch. We got the mackerel back there and the fish came up head and shoulders on the bait though did not eat… luck this time. Brian is a freelance journalist, Brian Irwin Media, the link to his blog:

The fishing has been excellent out there, we have very few openings though there are a couple of opportunities to fish ALLURE II in early January and again in April and May. We still have December 30-31 Jan 1-2 open at the lodge with several great boats keen to get out there. If you want to make New Year 2017 one with a difference and one to remember get in touch with us. The lodge sleeps 20, the larger the group the bigger party and the fishing is always hot as is the weather!! Looking closer we still have prime dates available before Christmas, I’m picking the December bite to go off, get down here to get in on it…..we still have the 15% offer on through December. 




November 9-10-11 we welcomed for their first trip to Guatemala Jack and Josie Hickell from Anchorage, Alaska. In Guatemala for the week they started their trip visiting the beautiful Lake Atitlan before 3 days of fishing aboard ALLURE II and finished up hiking Volcan Pacaya and a night in Antigua. A wonderful trip for them and their only disappointment was that they didn’t book for longer! We had steady fishing for their 3 days here on Allure II with 28 sailfish released from 43 bites, 2 x big 50lb mahi mahi and 1 x yellowfin tuna boated and after missing a blue marlin the previous day we topped off their last day late in the afternoon with Josie releasing a nice blue pushing the 300lb mark! What a way to finish 3 great days on the water.



1 of 28 sailfish released



Jack went 2 from 2 on large bull mahi’s



And Josie did an awesome job on the rod to get the tag and release on a beaut 300lb blue marlin. The fish came up all lit up and hot on a slow trolled teaser and we got an incredible bite on the bait right behind the boat. Good times!



November 2 & 3 we welcomed back to the Sailfish Oasis Lodge and aboard ALLURE II Doug Shaffer, this time bringing along his son Logan. First day out there we covered a lot of water checking out the east side of the pocket and raised 17 sailfish releasing 11 from 16 bites, we also jumped off a nice blue that charged the boat and threw the hook.



Father and son double header

While running out on the second day the new CHIRP transducer/sounder paid off once again. Just before the first drop off at 8NM here we marked bait balls and fish so set the spread out in clean blue/green water. By 0820 in the morning we had released 2 sailfish and a blue marlin. We pounded the drop and ended up raising 4 blue marlin releasing 2 from 3 bites, with 3 from 7 bites on sailfish and a mahi in the boat for dinner. Great fishing right on our doorstep!



Logan putting the hurt on


2 x blue marlin, 14 x sailfish and 1 x mahi in 2 days.



Ken Davidson with his first sailfish.

October 30th had a one day fun day Sunday with a mixed crew from around Antigua. We covered some water and got into the fish late in the day with 15 sailfish released from 21 bites. Good times with a fun crew.

All in all the fishing has been good with good numbers of sailfish out there and blue marlin are in the mix. Out wide there have been some reports of big yellowfin in amongst the spinner dolphin and in the last few days the sailfish bite turned on hot. This is shaping up to be another great season down here in Guatemala. There are still some good November, December dates available and if you are thinking about what to do this New Year, for the first time in many years we are not booked out over this period. Get a group together and enjoy the dawn of 2017 here with us at Sailfish Oasis Lodge, Guatemalan style with a large parilla (BBQ) live band and a fireworks display you’ll have to see to believe. Normally the fishing is hot over these dates as well and we have 3 boats available. Make it happen and we’ll see you down here, contact:




L-R: With Damien ‘Damo’ Norris, Steve ‘Rangi’ Butler, Jeffro Tuck and Johnny Ives.

Had a few of the Kiwi crew come in to Guate for a couple of days last week. A lot to see and do in a short time including seeing the sights of Antigua, a road trip to some of El Salvador’s premier surf breaks and we managed to get in a day of fishing on ALLURE II and a couple of nights down at the Oasis. Not many boats out recently so tough to know what was happening out there. We ended up working the western side of the pocket, getting into a few sailfish bites along the edge…..


Damo with the first fish of the day.

Found a few areas with sails from here on in, probably missed more than we caught though a good time learning along the way.DCIM100GOPRO

John Ivory with a tough one…

Ended up with all the guys getting into a sailfish each releasing 5 from 11 bites. Just after lunch got the bite from a large bull mahi in the 50lb class that Tucky put the heat on and got in the boat….


Jeff Tuck with big bull mahi…

Steve Butler brought his lure from NZ with him so we put it down the middle in the shotgun position, later in the day we had a marlin hit the left teaser, disappear…..then smoke his plug on the 50W. Steve did the rod work and we tagged and released the 200lb blue to finish off another great day on the water here in Guatemala. Primo day with the boys!!




Good times!!

The report over the weekend from the boats that were out was good, with the current pushing to the east the boats that worked the east side of the pocket had excellent fishing. It is all looking on target to be another phenomenal season down here in Guatemala. Get yourself in the picture!! It is on from here on in…

We’ve had 6 days of fishing since getting the boat back in the water and in those 6 days  we have raised 12 blue marlin releasing 7 from 11 bites, raised 74 sailfish in the spread with 51 releases and several mahi’s boated up to 50lb. Great fishing! November and December are some of the best months down here for the bite and flat seas. Get in touch!!




L-R: Kevin Kirkland, Laine Doucet, Chris Granger, Rene Ramos and Cobie Callaway

October 7th and 8th it was great to see Kevin and Laine back here to Guatemala so soon since their May trip, this time they introduced Chris and Cobie to Guatemala, Allure II and the ‘Oasis’. Good fishing for the guys as well with 13 sailfish released from 21 bites and 3 blue marlin from 5 bites over their 2 days of fishing. Unfortunate to jump a couple of blues off though the guys got the tag’s into 3 of them


Chris Granger

We fished the west side of the pocket the first day to about 20nm with 11 sailfish bites and 1 blue marlin. On their second day we went to the east side at about 24nm with 10 sailfish bites and 4 blue marlin bites, marked plenty of bait balls with billfish around them.


Kevin with the first blue of the trip


Lit up!!


Cobie and Laine


Great trip!

We had an awesome time with these guys and it sure was great to get back out there on the water. Plenty of life out there and as usual for this time of year, plenty of marlin around. We also boated a couple of mahi’s for fish taco lunches and dinner.



First day out, 3 from 4 on blues and 5 from 10 on sails

October 10-12th good to be out there with Hill again. On the east side of the pocket we were into the bait and the marlin again with some incredible teaser fish, red hot and some awesome bites on the pitch baits…..


The moment your pitched mackerel gets inhaled by one pissed off blue marlin….img_7254


Second day out we looked further up the east side looking for the bait, birds and fish, we did have a big blue in the 400lb class throw the hook on a plug and got into 6 sails from 10 bites.

Our last day out we started in close to the west side after seeing a couple of fish tailing down sea. An excellent day from there on in with 22 sailfish released from 29 bites. We also had 3 blues up, the first came in half way before disappearing, the 2nd ate the trolled ballyhoo bait on the light tackle, a large fish of over 400lbs that went berserk, stripped of 150yds of line in a few seconds flat jumping the whole time. Despite backing off the drag the light sailfish leader broke at the hook…..not much you can do about that. The 3rd blue was in the 500lb++ class, what a hole on the teaser, unbelievable. Hot on the teaser though we couldn’t get this fish to switch to the pitched mackerel. Very cool to see all the same.

3 days of fishing, 33 sailfish from 49 bites and 3 blue marlin from 6 bites with 8 in the spread. That there is good fishing and worth getting down here for.

So, here we are, ALLURE II is back in the water after some maintenance including installing a CHIRP technology transducer for the awesome Furuno FCV 295 sounder. What a difference that has made already. The boat is sweet, in great all round condition and fishing well, the perfect Guatemala fishing platform!

Down at the ‘OASIS’ we have built a new big bathroom on room 10 which now means 10 double rooms all with en-suite bathrooms. The Lodge is really looking good after repairing the boat ramp and yearly maintenance. 

We’re amped to get out there and into some incredible fishing that only Guatemala can offer, we have the best boats and the best Lodge here. The weather right now is ideal, fishing is great and we have availability from here through December which are some of our favorite months on the water in Guatemala. The marlin bite in the these months normally holds and we have typically had some BIG sailfish bites in this time frame as well.

Time to get down here!! Contact:



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