L-R: With Damien ‘Damo’ Norris, Steve ‘Rangi’ Butler, Jeffro Tuck and Johnny Ives.

Had a few of the Kiwi crew come in to Guate for a couple of days last week. A lot to see and do in a short time including seeing the sights of Antigua, a road trip to some of El Salvador’s premier surf breaks and we managed to get in a day of fishing on ALLURE II and a couple of nights down at the Oasis. Not many boats out recently so tough to know what was happening out there. We ended up working the western side of the pocket, getting into a few sailfish bites along the edge…..


Damo with the first fish of the day.

Found a few areas with sails from here on in, probably missed more than we caught though a good time learning along the way.DCIM100GOPRO

John Ivory with a tough one…

Ended up with all the guys getting into a sailfish each releasing 5 from 11 bites. Just after lunch got the bite from a large bull mahi in the 50lb class that Tucky put the heat on and got in the boat….


Jeff Tuck with big bull mahi…

Steve Butler brought his lure from NZ with him so we put it down the middle in the shotgun position, later in the day we had a marlin hit the left teaser, disappear…..then smoke his plug on the 50W. Steve did the rod work and we tagged and released the 200lb blue to finish off another great day on the water here in Guatemala. Primo day with the boys!!




Good times!!

The report over the weekend from the boats that were out was good, with the current pushing to the east the boats that worked the east side of the pocket had excellent fishing. It is all looking on target to be another phenomenal season down here in Guatemala. Get yourself in the picture!! It is on from here on in…

We’ve had 6 days of fishing since getting the boat back in the water and in those 6 days  we have raised 12 blue marlin releasing 7 from 11 bites, raised 74 sailfish in the spread with 51 releases and several mahi’s boated up to 50lb. Great fishing! November and December are some of the best months down here for the bite and flat seas. Get in touch!!




L-R: Kevin Kirkland, Laine Doucet, Chris Granger, Rene Ramos and Cobie Callaway

October 7th and 8th it was great to see Kevin and Laine back here to Guatemala so soon since their May trip, this time they introduced Chris and Cobie to Guatemala, Allure II and the ‘Oasis’. Good fishing for the guys as well with 13 sailfish released from 21 bites and 3 blue marlin from 5 bites over their 2 days of fishing. Unfortunate to jump a couple of blues off though the guys got the tag’s into 3 of them


Chris Granger

We fished the west side of the pocket the first day to about 20nm with 11 sailfish bites and 1 blue marlin. On their second day we went to the east side at about 24nm with 10 sailfish bites and 4 blue marlin bites, marked plenty of bait balls with billfish around them.


Kevin with the first blue of the trip


Lit up!!


Cobie and Laine


Great trip!

We had an awesome time with these guys and it sure was great to get back out there on the water. Plenty of life out there and as usual for this time of year, plenty of marlin around. We also boated a couple of mahi’s for fish taco lunches and dinner.



First day out, 3 from 4 on blues and 5 from 10 on sails

October 10-12th good to be out there with Hill again. On the east side of the pocket we were into the bait and the marlin again with some incredible teaser fish, red hot and some awesome bites on the pitch baits…..


The moment your pitched mackerel gets inhaled by one pissed off blue marlin….img_7254


Second day out we looked further up the east side looking for the bait, birds and fish, we did have a big blue in the 400lb class throw the hook on a plug and got into 6 sails from 10 bites.

Our last day out we started in close to the west side after seeing a couple of fish tailing down sea. An excellent day from there on in with 22 sailfish released from 29 bites. We also had 3 blues up, the first came in half way before disappearing, the 2nd ate the trolled ballyhoo bait on the light tackle, a large fish of over 400lbs that went berserk, stripped of 150yds of line in a few seconds flat jumping the whole time. Despite backing off the drag the light sailfish leader broke at the hook…..not much you can do about that. The 3rd blue was in the 500lb++ class, what a hole on the teaser, unbelievable. Hot on the teaser though we couldn’t get this fish to switch to the pitched mackerel. Very cool to see all the same.

3 days of fishing, 33 sailfish from 49 bites and 3 blue marlin from 6 bites with 8 in the spread. That there is good fishing and worth getting down here for.

So, here we are, ALLURE II is back in the water after some maintenance including installing a CHIRP technology transducer for the awesome Furuno FCV 295 sounder. What a difference that has made already. The boat is sweet, in great all round condition and fishing well, the perfect Guatemala fishing platform!

Down at the ‘OASIS’ we have built a new big bathroom on room 10 which now means 10 double rooms all with en-suite bathrooms. The Lodge is really looking good after repairing the boat ramp and yearly maintenance. 

We’re amped to get out there and into some incredible fishing that only Guatemala can offer, we have the best boats and the best Lodge here. The weather right now is ideal, fishing is great and we have availability from here through December which are some of our favorite months on the water in Guatemala. The marlin bite in the these months normally holds and we have typically had some BIG sailfish bites in this time frame as well.

Time to get down here!! Contact:




300th billfish release for the year!
May 15th to 17th Hill was back for an early summer trip. In the AM on his first day out he released his 300th billfish for the season! No small feat there, congrats to him on that. We had the guys from Quetzalvision on board as well working their drone magic, so we went far and wide finding spinner dolphin, pods of fin whales and they got some awesome footage. Check it out here: 


Addie & Brett Stilley, Rene Ramos, Laine & Sabrina Doucet, Kim & Kevin Kirkland
May 20 & 21, good to see Kevin back down here for his second trip this season this time bringing the above crew for their first taste of Guatemala. Fishing was good, we raised 38 sails and released 21 sailfish from 32 bites. Second day out we raised a hot blue marlin on the bridge teaser, Kevin got the bite on the mackerel pitched on the 50lb stand-up…..
Got the tag in, and released….. 
Cool way to release ’em!


Mark & Davis Franklin, Cameron & Lee Boyd, Henry & Ken Womack
June 9 and 10 we welcomed the above father and son group for their first taste of Guatemala. Overall some very good fishing out there with 19 sailfish released from 33 bites. Good times with this crew on the water and poker nights after dinner every evening down at the lodge.
 Davis and Mark Franklin
Ken and Henry Womack
Lee and Cameron Boyd


Nice tuna for Ryan Maspero with Mateo 
June 16 to 20 it was good to fish with the Richter crew again this year, Bobby with his boys Bryan and Mateo with Ryan Maspero. Blue marlin on the fly was the goal, though all in all the fish were super funky, very difficult to tease in, not at all aggressive. We did raise 5 blues and went 1 from 3 bites on the bait as none of them teased.
Bobby ‘I turn beer into urine’ Richter….

Blue of about 250lb.
 Bobby also released a nice 200lb stripey and we had 77 sailfish up in the spread over the 5 days. Hard to tease fish with 19 released on the fly and bait. 
Good sized stripey for this part of the world!!
Big bull mahi for Ryan
We got into some big bait balls with spinner dolphin, whales and tunas chowing down, pretty incredible to see that amount of life…..
Cool to get in the water around these big bait balls….
And Bryan pulled this nice tuna pushing the 100lb mark off the bait.


Amanda with a nice sail release on the fly.
June 21-25 Amanda Thompson was back down with us also trying for the elusive blue marlin on the fly. It was more of the same with the blues a bit scarce this time around and hard to tease in. We did raise 3 with one staying deep on the teaser, the other 2 teased in most of the way though lost interest at the business end and faded off despite our best efforts to get them ‘hot’ in on the mackerel rigged re-tease rod. We covered a lot of water/structure looking and raised 83 sailfish, most never came within casting distance though we did release 14 on the fly. Some tough, acrobatic fish once hooked and great fun on the fly rod!
Good times out there, plenty of fish and overall the weather has been perfect. A bit of rain at night to cool things off and the days clear and flat seas. We are starting to book up pretty well for the upcoming season so get in touch with us to get in on some of this great fishery. This past season has been outstanding!!



April 28 & 29 good times with the Hawa group, down for 2 days of fishing in Guatemala for Wilson Hawa’s birthday celebration. Good fishing for their 2 days out as well with 39 sailfish raised, from that we got 33 of them to bite and released 15. Found some good teaser fish out wide off the edge on their last day out, fish with attitude, great teaser bites and some tough SOB’s as well. Nice way to finish their trip getting 20 bites out there….
B’Day boy Wilson with 1st mate Trent


Dwight Dunn, Mark Clark, Mike Miller and Craig Kaple

April 30th, May 1st we welcomed in the above group for their first taste of Guatemala, Sailfish Oasis, Allure II, and this incredible fishery. Fished inshore looking for a blue first day out with little luck and made the run offshore to the edge where we’d finished our previous day. We had good fishing out there, plenty of hot teaser fish and some great bites right off the transom! Over 2 days we raised 39 sails, getting 35 to bite and released 22.

Mark, about to release his first sail


Steve Vest, Rick Wright and Jeff Vest
May 5th & 6th. Another group for their first trip down to Guatemala and they timed their trip well. The fish were snapping out there!! First day we raised 32 sails and released 16 from 27 bites as well as a blue marlin, sailfish double header. Making the turn on a hooked sail we had a hot blue of about 200lb+ on our bridge teaser, pitched the mackerel and got the bite.
Steve with his first blue marlin T&R with brother Jeff on a sail in the background
Next day the sun broke through and the fishing turned on. We raised 86 sailfish today, getting 72 to bite and released 38! Some tough fish to convert with hooks pulling several times just yards away from the release, finicky bites, though plenty of action right through the day! In the morning Steve was at it again this time on a tough striped marlin of 100lbs+ on the 30lb test…
Steve, Jeff and Rick with Seve’s first stripey tagged and released
Some luck there for Steve, his first time billfishing ever and he released plenty of sailfish, a blue and a stripey! We couldn’t find our blue today to make the slam though the sail bite was awesome. Also boated 3 mahi’s. Great trip and a great introduction to Guatemala for these guys!
Triple header…
Awesome trip organized by Rick Wright 
That’s the way it goes, you never know when the bite can turn on and when the next large body of billfish pushes through. You just have to get out there and be out there and it can turn on like this any month of the year. For sure the marlin bite heats up through the summer months, the small dorados are out there in large numbers and their rapid growth rate means we’ll be seeing some good sized fish out there soon. Further offshore the tuna bite normally turns on as well over the summer. All in all it is a great time of year to get down here with a good variety of fish to target. Couple that with some great package deals over these months and you can’t go wrong! We can cater large groups up to 4 boats through to single boat groups. The Lodge is an awesome place to hang out after a big day on the water and we’ll ensure a good, first class experience.
See you down here….



Brian Shinkle and Tim Lonsdale
April 16-19 great to catch up with Tim and Brian again for their second trip down here this season and had a blast with them. For their trip we raised 88 sailfish, some funky fish in the mix once again with 68 of them biting, some soft bites as had been the norm from these fish…. they did well releasing 38 of them.
Running out on the 3rd morning we saw a marlin tailing at the edge of the drop at 10NM so started there. Couldn’t get that one to bite though a mile offshore Brian got the first bite of the day a nice tough blue in the 300lb class tagged and released!
Nice one Brian! 
Working back toward the drop off we got the bite from another blue that unfortunately threw the hook. Worked the inside area for another hour before pushing out off-shore to the sailfish bite…
Next morning we tried 4NM toward the east of the previous day to the steepest part of the drop at 9NM off the breakwall, we didn’t even have our full spread out when here she came hot on the teaser. Tim got the bite on the pitched mackerel and an hour later we got the tag in and released a nice blue of over 400lb.
Tearing it up!
And just before getting the tag in.
Good effort Tim!
Worked the inside area for another hour or more with no luck before heading offshore to release 7 sails from 15 bites for the day. 


Bill Easum, J Godwin, John Price and Scott Kozak with their 500th billfish of the season!
April 14-15-16 nice to see these guys back down at the Lodge this time with John Price fishing with Capt Eddie Bairez on Capt Hook. Their first day out the fish were biting and they did well with some soft bites in the mix releasing 21 from 30 bites, the next 2 days things slowed down some though their averages remained right up there with 11 from 16 and for their last day out 11 from 14. The last fish of the day brought up an great milestone for their season down here with a total of 504 sailfish and 2 blue marlin for Team USA and Team Maverick since December between CR and Guatemala. The majority coming out of Guatemala, helluva season there fellas!
Scott Kozak with #550!
Also a big congratulations to Scott Kozak who released a personal milestone billfish #550……150 of which he tagged. 
Congrats once again to these hard core fishes and good luck for the up-coming tournaments they’re going to fish this summer in Nicaragua and then later on in El Salvador….


2nd from left: Jonathan Meyer, Matt Richter, Gabe Meyer with Bobby and Brian Richter
April 21-24 we welcomed Bobby Richter back for his 3rd trip down to Guatemala since February!!! Never a dull moment when he is down here and a good fun group to boot with his 2 sons Mateo and Brian and good to see Jonathan back down here with his brother Gabe.
First day we pounded the inside of the pocket looking for a blue that didn’t materialize and after making the run offshore to the east we raised 25 sailfish, getting 24 to bite and released 16, also missed a striped marlin that came in hot and bit a couple of baits..
Double header for Brian and Bobby…
For the next few days we raised 55 sails, getting 43 to bite and released 24, we spent some time on the inside looking for a blue marlin over the odd morning though no luck….and the morning we didn’t look they were biting….seemed to be the way it was for me!
Lit up!
A bit tough for us though still a good time had, impossible not to with these guys! We also got into a bunch of small dorado out there and one nice bull of about 25lbs
Ceviche, tacos and mahi fillets…
Jonathan and Gabe.
Gabe was on it, for a first time effort offshore fishing pitching to sailfish he picked it up and was hooking ’em like a pro….

We’ve had the last couple of days in and it sounds like the blue marlin at the bottom of the pocket here in close have started biting again with boats raising up to 4 a piece. The sailfish bite has been a bit slow inshore though they are bound to turn on in the coming days with plenty of bait and deep blue water to check out. We are out there again tomorrow 28th April onwards and looking forward to it.
Still some openings in May and it is looking like we are going to have a great summer blue marlin bite going on from here on through August. We’ll be here so get in touch to get into it!


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