Antigua (Day Trip)


Take a day trip from the lodge to Antigua (75 mins each way).

Afterbreakfast at the Lodge your driver will take to Antigua nd you’ll have the whole day to explore and enjoy.

Stop for lunch at one of the world class restrataunts, grab a beer, a coffee or a hot chocolate, and you’ll then have time for a quick look around / shop.

Walk around and see the famous churches, the ruins, the architecture, experience the cultural and world famous markets. You may want to treat yourself to a relaxing massage or pampering session. Or take a tour or do an activity.

Antigua never disappoints and is a real highlight of the Guatemalan travel experience. Here you’ll find Central America’s best colonial city, a city sitting in a valley surrounded by 3 volcanoes with an amazing climate (70-75c most days) and amazing natural and cultural beauty.

It’s completely safe to walk around and you’ll see many other tourists here too. It’s full ofworld class restaraunts, bars, coffee shops and plenty of things to do and see. 

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