January 15-16th we hosted Brooks for his Bachelor Bash with his group of 11. Thanks to el jefe ‘Big Store’ Craig Johnson for sending the crew our way for this occasion! What a trip, after fishing to the west for the previous 6 days we rolled the dice and went east, aboard Allure II and Intensity the group experienced excellent fishing….

Fishing 2 days the crew released an amazing 158 sailfish from 240 bites!!! When they’re biting that strong everyone has an opportunity to have a go. A few burnt thumbs from the fishing and sore heads after big nights at the Lodge.

Good times. A few of the guys stayed on an extra day and we released another 24 from 43 bites. 

And a few mahi hit the deck, great big body of fish out there with sails cutting bait on the surface, balls marked on the sounder and some lit sailfish coming in hot. We were fishing up to 6NM apart from each other and other boats had a good bite going on another 7NM inshore of us. Good to see….

Intensity with Capt Mike Sheeder was the hot boat with an incredible last day on the water going 60 from 76 bites!


January 12-13-14 it was good to see the crew who were the last to leave before the lockdown back here at the Lodge and fishing. We had couple of good days to the west before it slowed down their last day and ended with 56 sailfish in the spread and from that they released 27 from 48 bites…

Pierce and Hill on a double header…

And an early morning quad for Hill, Grady, William and Pierce

We also had 2 blue marlin up in the spread, after missing the first on the pitch bait we got the bite on the light rigged ballyhoo and after being on the fish for a while it came up jumping and broke through the light leader

The other didn’t switch to the pitch bait. 


January 8-9-10 good to see Bryan back in Guate introducing the above crew of Dr Larry, Scott and TC to Guatemala, the Oasis Lodge and incredible offshore fishing….

Our first 40 mins on the water we raised 3 blue marlin, one fell off, one didn’t bite and Dr Larry got the release on one on the light stuff….


For their trip they released 54 sailfish from 82 bites, a good average there, raised 5 blue marlin releasing 2 from 4 bites and boating a nice mahi. A great trip  and a great introduction to Guatemala for these guys! Check out the bite from this blue marlin on the pitched mackerel…

Scott, on his first blue marlin that went down and dirty and took a bunch of tough persuasion to get up and release…

Safety first, no sun getting through that!


January 2 & 3 it was great to see Chris aka Tio Frijole introducing another newby, his nephew Henry to offshore fishing Guatemala style as well…

Chris seems to bring the luck, this trip was no exception. 2 days of fishing they released 39 sailfish from 56 bites, some great averages there.

Despite the odd sancocho and a backlash….

We also got into some spinner dolphin boating a couple of tunas and Henry released his first blue marlin amongst the spinners as well.

That there is a hard introduction to offshore fishing to beat!

What a great start to the season it has been. We have had good consistent fishing since re-opening the Lodge and getting back out on the water. It really has been solid fishing, and pleasing to see the when a bite drys up we can run to likely areas of good water and find bodies of fish moving in.

There have been a few hiccups with the CDC recently announcing that travelers re-entering the US will need a negative test to board a plane back to the US. We can have a Dr on site to do the appropriate test and get the documentation needed to leave without a worry. We have had no COVID scares amongst our staff, and continue to remain vigilant with regular testing, temperature checks and mask wearing. This will be no problem to get around, we are confident of that.

On a sober note we pass on our condolences to the Elisa and the Sheeder family after the passing of the legend Capt ‘Haole’ Chris Sheeder. Still struggling to get our heads around that, hard to believe, he will never be forgotten here in Guatemala. It’s great to have Mike back here and he’s been tearing it up on the Intensity since his return.

We have openings for February, get in touch if you have any questions:



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