July 24-26th The Skewis brothers, Ron and Bob joined us again on Allure II, this time with Ron’s daughter Lauren and her husband Chris.

A fantastic x 3 days on the water for these guys with multiples in the spread more the norm than the exception!

Over their x 3 days with us we raised 90 sailfish and they released 51 from 80 bites! We also raised x 3 blue marlin with a bit of bad luck and the hooks not sticking to the x 2 that did bite. A few dorado in the boat for the crew as well.

Rum drinks on the ride home.

And greeted with cocktails back at the Lodge.


July 27th-30th We welcomed 3 generations of Snider’s from Idaho for their first trip to Guatemala and the Oasis.

Another pearler of a trip with the focus on blue marlin. 85 yr old Paul was after yet another blue to his tally and succeeded on our second day on the water releasing a healthy 300lb blue! Awesome achievement on the 50lb stand-up gear…

Not to be out done his younger brother Steve at a sprightly 79 yrs young released his first blue marlin.

Paul’s son Travis also got in on the action.

And we tried hard for young Gareth to get in on the blue action with the hooks not sticking to a couple. Nice father and son double header on the sails though.

Fun trip with 56 sailfish raised and they released 24 from 51 bites. We had 7 blues in the spread with 3 releases from 5 bites and non stop mahi mahi action.




August 4-5-6 Team Medical Equation from Austin, TX were also down for their first visit to Guatemala.

Fishing short days and returning to the Lodge for their daily meetings we still got into them pretty good.

We took a day out off the sailfish running wide to chase tuna and did get a couple of bites from some large fish though the hooks didn’t stick. The consolation being they caught 8 nice mahi mahi…

We had an awesome time with these guys with 40 sailfish raised and 20 releases from 36 bites as well as 3 blues in the spread with Brian releasing his first blue.

Good fishing and the perfect spot for end of the day meetings down at the tropical and very quite setting down at the Lodge….



August 8-9-10 So good to see Steve and Gretchen back down here, this time for Gretchen’s birthday and things got a bit hectic out there with the sailfish bite going off….

Hooking all their own fish it was impressive to see the improvement over their 3 days here esp with Steve (don’t set the hook!!) Silverman getting away from his striped bass fishing habits….

They were both on point, fishing really well….we had many multiples in the spread. An incredible trip and so happy to be out there to experience it!

Over their 3 days on the water we raised an amazing 145 sailfish and they released 69 from 125 bites. We had a blue marlin throw the hook and broke out the fly rods on their last afternoon out with them both getting bites on the fly. A trip to remember…..

That’s a busy day on the water right there……


Good to see our old mate’s Craig Kelly and Marlia Fraser back in Guatemala fishing with us August 24th through the 26th…..

Craig’s been after the elusive blue marlin for a couple more than a few years now so it was good to see him finally pitch the mackerel bait to one off the short teaser…

Get’s the old ticker pumping when they bite that close to the boat! The water out there was a bit off colored and the sailfish were biting a bit funky and hard to switch though we made a trip of it.

A few mahi out there as well for Craig.

For the trip we raised 37 sailfish with 11 releases from 23 bites, had a couple of nice blue marlin up with the one bite and went wide looking for tunas though lucked out.

That’s about it from us this season, we’ll be pulling the boat here soon and getting into the yearly maintenance looking to be back in the water for October and onwards. The blue marlin bite was a bit slower than average these past summer months though overall we had excellent fishing with a great variety and good to see some XXL yellowfin tuna out there as well. Get in on this incredible fishery and the stunning accommodations that is the Oasis, the early fishing from October through is as good as it gets. To find out more, contact us



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