As of September 18 Guatemala re-opened it’s borders to tourism and the outside world for the first time since March 16th.  We understand the first few flights & the entry into the country went smoothly. Good news all ’round.

Here is a breakdown of the Airlines and flight information:


Houston flight starts September 18th with one flight daily. Los Angeles starts on September 20th with 1-2 flights a week. Newark starts on September 22nd with 2 weekly flights. Washington D.C. starts on September 22nd with 1-2 flights weekly.


Atlanta starts on October 2nd with one flight daily on Monday. Friday, Saturday & Sunday.


Dallas starts on September 18th with one flight daily. Miami starts on September 18th with one flight daily with the exception of Tuesday and Wednesday.

This is just the start and we’d expect frequency of flights to increase as we move into October and November. As of now you need to produce a negative Covid PCR test within 72 hours of your arrival.  This will no doubt evolve as time goes by.  At the Lodge and aboard the boats everyone has been brought up to speed on the new protocols of more frequent cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces. All the staff will be regularly tested and we assure you a safe environment from the airport transfer in our vans through to the stay at the Lodge and on to the boats.

We’re all looking forward to getting back out on the water and getting underway again. This past week we have been receiving enquiries and securing a few dates for groups from January through early April. We did have a spectacular November and December last year with great sailfish, marlin and tuna action. If anyone is interested in these months please get in touch. The Lodge has been immaculately maintained and the boat will be ready to get back in the water soon. We’re ready. Let us know when you are….