Russ, Mike, John, Bruce, Chris and AJ

The above group representing Frontline Mobile Health were in for 3 days of fishing and 4 evenings of meetings. A great combo for the group lead by Russ who was down for his second trip to Guatemala and the Oasis over Sept 5-6-7th this time introducing the Frontline Board of Directors to what we have here.

And the fishing kept everyone busy over their 3 days on the water, loading up on good mahi mahi, several nice ones and one pushing the 50lb mark and tunas galore to 30lb.

They also released 10 out of 14 bites on sailfish and raised 4 blue marlin getting one to bite the pitched mackerel.

Good times both on the water and back at the Lodge taking advantage of the tranquility to conduct productive board meetings every evening after fishing. The perfect combo!!

Russ is already planning a summer trip for next year and that says it all.


McCallum, Merton and Crawford Group

Callum, Peter and Kim

All the way from NZ, this group makes an annual fishing trip abroad once a year and have fished from Cape Verde through to Panama and a bunch of places in between. This year they chose Guatemala as their destination and had a blast.

We fished hard over their 5 days on the water between August 28th and Sept 1st, typically a good time of year for the blues, though we never raised one. We gave it a good crack, live baiting around logs and fishing good structure but the billfish bite was a bit off.

On the positive side the tuna bite was off the wall and we found spinner porpoise every day and they caught them on the troll, live baiting and they all got them on the top waters. Good fun and kept us busy!

We did raise 27 sailfish getting 23 bites and the mahi-mahi bite was also very steady.


Overall, good fun and plenty of laughs both on the boat and back at the Lodge, always enjoy hosting crews from NZ and we hope to see them back here in Guatemala soon.

Enjoying rum drinks on the way in….



Carol and Bobby Richter enjoying the ambience of the Oasis.

So good to see Bobby and Carol back here and we felt honored that Carol chose the Oasis to celebrate her 70th year, especially since it was their 3rd trip back here in as many months!

Over their stay at the Lodge between August 19 though the 25th they fished 5 days and had a couple of lay days enjoying the tropical setting of the Lodge, the neighborhood and time on the Lodge panga around the mangroves.

With the fishing we mixed it up, targeting yellowfin tuna on the Yummee flyers fished below the kite. Getting that flying fish skipping under the kite we had some huge explosions from some good tunas. It’s all about the bite….

Also a very steady billfish bite raising 42 sailfish and getting 40 bites along with raising 8 blue marlin getting 7 bites. Good fishing!

Catching sailfish ‘Bobby style’, cold beer in one hand, cranking with the other…

But we also had a couple of tough blues to deal with…

And of course, plenty of mahi-mahi….We’re looking forward to seeing them both back here fishing with us in December!



Bill and Kristen

Bert and Jane

Always great to catch up with Bill and Kristen Gavit, who have more history in Guatemala than most, and introducing Bert and Jane to Guatemala for their first billftshing trip.

A bit slow for everyone out there on the billfish front, over their 2 days on the water August 11 and 12th we raised 8 sailfish and got 7 bites. A little tough though they did well hooking all their own fish, a few ninja fish coming in hard on the teasers made for some good switch bites!

We did have good tuna action boating 6 from 7 bites  in the short time we targeted them with live-baits and got into a few good mahi-mahi as well.

An ever vigilant Kristen never kept her eyes off the spread and it paid off, pretty work!

And to top off the trip Bill boated a rare (for Guatemala) on mono filament wahoo. Some good eating to finish out the 2 days…

A good fun trip with the Gavits and Moorhouse’ out of Corpus Christi….


That about wraps up our ’22-’23 season. We fished 49 days over the June-August months, every season is a little different though overall we had an excellent variety of fishing and we’re looking forward to getting out there next summer! 

The boat is about to get hauled for her yearly makeover and we are also busy at the Lodge keeping up on maintenance and getting it all ready for a late October / November kick off to the ’23-’24 season. We are already booked pretty solid though there are still some excellent options to be had in November. The biggest sailfish numbers from last season came in November with a couple of 50+ release days, so get in on these early season dates. Typically flat seas with a good mix of blue marlin bites along with the sailfish.









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