Dustin Temple, Brooklynn Cottingham and Greg Wappler

April 15-16, Good to catch up with Brooklynn from Flow-Zone here in Guatemala once again, this time with clients Greg and Dustin. Plenty of action over their 2 days on the water despite a work affected short day on Monday 16th…. 

Nice bull mahi for Brooklynn.

Over the 2 days of fishing they raised 52 sailfish releasing 21 as well as a blue marlin that left a large hole behind the bridge teaser though did not switch to the bait. Good times!



April 12-14th we had an awesome time with this lot. From Austin, TX Chasco Constructors is one of the larger construction companies in Austin and know how to put on a good work trip for their crew. Fishing aboard Allure II and Intensity the guys ticked off all the boxes….

 21 tunas

We lost count of mahi’s, they were thick out there….

46 sailfish released

And a nice blue marlin on the 30lb test for Ryan

There was no shortage of bait out there and a few balls of sardines got pushed to the surface by the mahi’s, though no sails in the mix…..?

And jumped in the water to get some video, pretty awesome to see, click on:


The guys had a blast, incredible fishing, good times down the lodge and their last day, a trip to check out Antigua that got rave reviews down the Lodge that night. 

Pre lunch boquitas…

Nice sail for Chuck…

Another big bad bull for Rick.

             Big sailfish for Adam.

And they’re already talking about their next trip back down here with us which says it all.



James Iacino, Bill Flagg, Jonathan Coors and David Turner

April 11th, taking a day out of their Guatemalan YPO trip David introduced the rest of the crew to off-shore Guatemala. Plenty of fish out there for the guys though on the fly they were extremely tough to tease all the way in and then to switch to the fly.

They raised 15 sails for the day releasing 4 from 8 bites on the bait. We had a shot or 2 on the fly, though tough to convert!



Weston and Brett Martin, George Crawford and Pierre Lognion

April 6-7 had a fun time with the above Guatemalan first timers from Beaumont, TX. The fishing did not disappoint……

Plenty of large mahi’s

And the sailfish were on the bite.

In 2 days of fishing the guys saw 93 sailfish in the spread and managed to release 38 from 78 bites as well as 5 large mahi mahi.

Awesome trip and once again the talk is about their next time down to Guatemala, ‘catching’.


Consistent, very consistent fishing and where the currents are pushing in from usually brings plenty of new bait holding sails, mahi’s and a few stripey’s and blues in the mix as well. Looking forward to the next few weeks out there. Get down to Guatemala and get amongst it, the summer months are filled with plenty of variety.