February 26-28th in conjunction with Casa Vieja Lodge we hosted the 57 man group for the 5th Guatemala Brazilian Offshore Championship with 21 anglers at the Oasis and 36 at CVL…

14 teams of four anglers fishing the CVL fleet and Allure II, Capt Hook, Makina, Danmark and Sails Call out of the Oasis.

Teams rotated daily according to the boat draw with 200pts for sailfish and 500pts for marlin. The fishing was a little on the slow side for Guatemala, teams covered a lot of ground looking for ‘the bite’ and finding pockets of fish with 297 sailfish released over the 3 days and 8 blue marlin for the 14 teams.

Team Flying Fish, the eventual winners with 34 sailfish released.

8 blue marlin released for the tourney…

Tournament Champions Team Flying Fish: Antonino Pitasi, Fernando Garcia, Lula Bulhoes and Fabio Macedo. Second placed team Mr Beni was a close second with 33 releases and in 3rd with 28 releases Team Bia Carol. A good time with this very passionate group and they have already booked for the 2019 VI Tournament.



Rinato, Anton and Sandro Lehman with Tournament Director Fernando Garcia

Feb 24th-25th we had a practice day out with the above group coming in early for the Brazil Tournament. They fished Makina on the 24th and Allure II the 25th. Good fishing for them with 32 releases from 42 bites over the 2 days.



Chris Gavlick, Jasen Gast and Jay Gagneaux

February 23-24, great to catch up with the Rehab Crew from Freeport, Texas for their annual trip to Guatemala. Over their 2 days here we raised 51 sailfish and 1 striped marlin. Second day the boys were on them going 23 from 36 on sailfish and Jay released a nice stripey to complete a triple header sailfish/stripey combo.

Fresh mahi for lunch every day as well….

Flat seas in the morning and good fishing

Eh? Jasen fishing in the AC with the line in the clip

Check out this cool vid, thanks to Chris Gavlick:


Sirena Wilson, Brenda Moore, Kathy Delahoussaye Gillen and Connie ODay

February 20-22 awesome to host the above ladies at the lodge who fished aboard Makina for 2 days and Allure II their last day. Good fishing for them with 33 sailfish released and several large mahi’s.

Down here to practice, they had plenty of that and fished well.









Katie Ryan and Mateo, Bobby and Carol with Ron and Debbie Klem

February 18-21: Always a fun time when Bobby rocks into town for his tri-annual trip to the Oasis. A family affair this time round and good times all round. We raised 91 sailfish and 2 blue marlin and plenty of large mahi’s in the mix!

Last day out we fished the bottom of the pocket getting 2 blue marlin and 24 sailfish bites.

Katie Ryan captured this blue marlin ‘tough’ bite that Mateo converted into a tag and release.

In keeping with tradition we broke out the Zebco plastic drag special and Ron broke into the club with a nice release from a few attempts. Nice going Ron!

And Bobby got in on the action with another….

Good times and good fishing all round with this crew…



We also raised an albino sailfish into the spread that was incredible to see though the fish did not bite…



Kent Johnson, Efrain and Dean Mortenson, Andy Johnson and Chris Adams

Feb 15-17 good to catch up with the above crew. We first fished with Andy Johnson and Dean Mortenson about 15 years ago here in Guatemala!! 

We raised 74 sailfish over their 3 days of fishing. Things turned on their last day out with plenty of XL mahi’s in the morning and a good sailfish bite in the afternoon.










Overall excellent fishing with this crew, plenty of sailfish, lots of big mahi’s out there and also a couple of yellowfin tunas in the boat for fresh sashimi…..


The good fishing continues here in Guatemala, March Madness is here….There are a few openings in April, May and June, get in on it, good months to get down here with more blue marlin and solid sailfish action….contact: