Fishing in Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the largest breeding grounds for Pacific sailfish and boasts one of the highest concentrations of sailfish in the world.

Known as the Sailfish Capital of the World for a reason, Guatemala is undoubtedly the finest sailfishing destinations to be found year-round. Guatemala has also been at the forefront of billfish conservation and the team at Sailfish Oasis Lodge is very committed to the issue.

Along Guatemala’s Pacific Coast, strong currents moving east from Mexico collide with currents moving west from El Salvador, creating an enormous natural occurring eddy, rich in bait and pelagic fish, making it a haven for sailfish, marlin, dorado, tuna, grouper, and many other species.

Guatemala holds both the conventional and fly fishing records for the most sailfish released in one day. Our fleet often releases 30 sailfish a day during peak fishing season and has a year-round daily average of 15 to 20 releases. While our peak season is from October to June, sailfish are caught year round. Throughout the year anglers will enjoy calm waters and the benefit of a friendly fishing community, where captains are in constant communication to ensure everyone has an unforgettable fishing experience.

Getting to Guatemala

Short direct flights to Guatemala from the States will have you landing in 2-5 hours!


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