Parker, Mike and Cameron Jones with Jim and Ryan Sears

January 12-14 we welcomed the above group in from North Carolina for their first taste of Guatemala. The fishing was steady over their 3 days with 47 sailfish in the spread, including 4 triples, resulting in 43 bites for the guys. Throw in a few tunas and mahi’s for sashimi and mahi tacos and you can’t go wrong….

Great group of guys, we had a blast on the water releasing 23 sailfish and good times back at the Lodge.


The OASIS crew with the Johnson crew, John David, Pierce and Todd with Paige and Hill

January 11-13 Good to see the Johnson’s back down here and get the boys in on the bait and switch program. Always a learning curve though they picked to up and fished well…

34 sailfish in the spread and 20 releases from 31 bites with several good mahi’s and small tunas in the mix as well. 

Their best day they went 8 from 9 bites……pretty handy!


James Preis with Mario and Freddie Gonzales

January 7-10 fun times with these guys as usual this time bringing Freddie and Mario into the mix and the usual shenanigans with Matt Richter on the boat…

Kind if slow out there for our standards though we made the most of every day averaging 13 sailfish raises a day. Then there were the mahi mahi and the tunas to keep things busy…

And some of those tunas hit hard…..

For the trip we raised 51 sailfish getting 46 to bite and released 21….

On the eastern edge our first day out we marked a bunch of activity down there and it resulted in a couple of singles and a double header being pulled off it…


January 4-5 Fun times catching up with Kevin Kirkland and Casey McDermand again, along with Stoney Petit and Keith Turner. Cool off colored water made the fishing a bit tough out there, we covered ground and then pounded away inshore on their last day…. 

And ended up with 1 -1 on blue marlin, Stoney’s first blue, and 3 from 6 on sailfish for the trip as well as a mahi in the bin for lunch…..


The Swedish Connection…..Damien, Jan and Nils

December 29th-30th back exactly a year later this time with son-in-law Damien in tow. We were on the fly, and by all accounts it was kind of slow with the cooler than average water temps out there,

Nils made the most of his opportunities….

The bonus side was there being marlin out there, both striped and blues….

Jan putting the heat on a nice blue marlin…

And Damien got a nice sailfish as well….

For the trip we raised 2 hot striped marlin that teased in though did not bite the fly, we got one to bite the pitch bait though missed him (Ode to a Mate) and with it the shot at a slam. We raised 4 blue marlin teasing in and casting to 2 that did not switch to the fly, we got the release on one on the bait and missed another nice fish in the 400+lb class. 
And raised 4 sailfish for the trip releasing one on fly and one on the bait. Slim pickings though we worked hard and sometimes that’s the way it is…


Bryan, Luke, Rebecca and Marguerite Fleener

Dec 27-29 The Fleener Family started their Guatemalan adventure off with 3 days of offshore fishing followed up with 3 nights in Antigua for the new year and then on to the Peten in the  north east of Guatemala checking out Tikal and the Mayan ruins for a couple of days. What a way to see out 2018 and bring in 2019! To the fishing….


Once again, a bit on the slow side by our standards, though if this is slow fishing then I’ll take it….

They went 7 from 9 on sailfish for their trip….

As well as 1 from 2 on striped marlin, Rebecca getting the release on this stripey….

And we unfortunately missed a blue later in the day for the slam. The following day, fishing aboard the Hook they managed to release a blue marlin and at least completed a slam for the trip with Luke releasing the blue……
Congrats, thats some good quality fishing despite the numbers being down a bit …. 7 sailfish, 1 stripey a blue marlin and some mahi mahi’s. Congrats to them!

Right now we have blue water pushing in up on the beach and there has been a reasonable bite the past x 4 days between 6-15NM. Hoping it continues!

End of December also saw the departure of fellow Kiwi’s Billy and Libby Neishman who have been running the Lodge since October. Cheers for the awesome hospitality and safe travels to them both…..



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