Team New Zealand on their end of tour trip to Tikal

June 5th through June 14th. Awesome to host our first Kiwi group down to the Lodge. First wave being the Journey of a Fisherman Team of Tony, Bea Bagnall and Sami Orton along with Kerren Packer and NZ Fishing News’ Grant and Faith Dixon.

Faith with her first sailfish of the trip.

3 fun days of fishing June 5-7 with this crew and they released 25 out of 40 bites on sailfish, we also got into some live baiting on some current lines holding bait that resulted in plenty of large mahi mahi and spinner porpoise holding small tunas.

Nice mahi for Sami and Bea

Tunas on the ultra light Shimano soft plastics rods.

The results!

Kerren ‘Kezza’ Packer with another nice one.

Some large specimens out there….

Though Faith beat ’em all….

Their group of 8 anglers got in from NZ late Friday 8th, most decided on a first day Antigua tour though Chris ‘Trolley’ Treloar, Mark Loeffen and Peter van Eekelen opted for an extra day on the water.

They were snapping just 9-12NM off the beach, a big learning curve on this style of fishing for the crew though they had a great day releasing 15 from 38 on sailfish and boating plenty of nice mahi’s.

Peter with one of many for the day.

The rest of the crew soaked in the sights of Antigua:

June 10-14th we fished the 8 anglers hosted by Tony and crew on Allure II and Intensity.

Naomi ‘Nodi’ Kininmont, Christian ‘Rusty’ Glenny with Mark and Trolley

Gary ‘Gazza’ Townley, Greg Bell and Neil Lunt

An awesome 5 days on the water overall, experiencing some hot sailfish bites, crazy amounts of mahi mahi and small tunas…

Here to learn the techniques of circle hook rigged ballyhoo trolled and pitched off the teasers they had a blast going 99 from 173 on sailfish and 1 from 3 bites on blue marlin.

Blue marlin off the teasers on the 30lb test for Neil Lunt

Nice mahi for Rusty

And number 10 sailfish for Gazza on his first day on the water, he went on to release 12 for the day!! Chur bro…

Good times all round with this crew and they finished off their trip in Flores and Tikal National Park checking out the Mayan ruins…

The group got in just after the big eruption of Volcan Fuego that devastated the local communities under the volcano of San Miguel Las Lotes and El Rodeo. A large majority of the mahi mahi caught was vacuum packed and frozen and donated to one of the shelters in Antigua housing many of the families who lost their homes. Up to 3000 people have lost everything….The Kiwi group also donated generously and that money went to footwear and clothing for the children in the shelters. It all helps, it will be a long road back to recovery for many though it was a very localized disaster and affected only a small area. As mentioned, it all helps, if anyone can donate the best seems to be to donate to: #BAMosGuateRotary or contact us here at SO.

And this from Tony:

Chris and Liz from Sailfish Oasis, thankyou from our team. Amazing week of fishing, amazing hosts, stunning boat and your staff and crew are super friendly and you can see they truley love their jobs.
Bea and I have fished all over the world with our job and been lucky to stay in some great lodges but you guys have taken it to the next level!!!!!!
Thanks so much, we will be back
Tony, Bea, Sami, Kezza, Grant, Faith and 8 happy Kiwi anglers


Hugh, Mason and Stuart.

June 1-3 we hosted the above group for their first taste of Guatemala in from Houston, Texas. Good times and great fishing…

 3 days on the water they released 35 from 45 bites on sailfish, 1 blue marlin….

Hugh on a nice blue…..

With plenty of small tunas and mahi mahi in the mix. 3 large days on the water including…



And Triples

No such thing as an ‘off season’ in Guatemala. The fishing is great all year ’round. The rainy season means rain at night and nice days on the water. We are back out there fishing July 17th through 21st, we’ll know whats going on out there after 5 days on the water and be on the fish. We have July 22-23-24th open. If anyone is keen to get down and fish these dates we’ll be on them. Get in touch with:


On Key

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