FISHING MARCH 19th through APRIL 7th


L-R: Caleb & Ethan Ocker with Kate and ‘Cuatro’ Kennedy
March 19th-20th we fished the above crew, they brought their parents Colin & Liet Ocker and Paul and Merritt Kennedy along also for their Spring Break. The kids were keen and fished well over the 2 days releasing between them 21 of the 26 fish for the trip!! They let their mums in on the action and catch a few of them as well. All fish were released on 20lb test and there were some stubborn ones too, it was great to see these kids give it all and not give up….
Brothers Caleb, 9 and Ethan, 11 on a  double header…
First day out was a bit sloppy out there and we went 10 from 14 bites with 21 in the spread, and OK, we gotta give the dad’s some credit, they were hooking the fish…
9 yr old Kate Kennedy giving it her all on a tough one!
Our second day out there the conditions were perfect and the fishing picked up as well, we raised 25 sailfish and released 16 from 21 bites. There were some tough ones out there staying down and dirty though the crew were real troopers…
And our youngest angler 6 yr old Paul ‘Cuatro’ Kennedy with a bit of help from dad.
We had a real good time out there and it was brilliant to see the kids so into it, get ’em started young is the way! Good effort to the ‘A’ team, an A+ all round on some hefty fish too….
Solid sail…
And the smiles say it all.

Reese/Crutchfeild Father & Son Team 24 Releases

March 20th-21st we fished the above father and son team of Walker, Jordan and David Reese and Matthew, Jordan and Scott Crutchfeild. Fishing the first day on Allure the guys got into the swing of it and released 11 sails, they joined us on Allure II for their second day and the bite was pretty good out there….
They were hooking all their own fish and having a ball, OK, there were more than fair share of sancocho’s and a few backlashes though in reality it is the only way to learn. We raised 50 out there today, though a lot of finicky fish coming in on the teasers and fading off, we did get 37 to bite and got stuck on our favorite number 13 releases for the last hour and a half missing the last 8 bites….unlucky for some. Still, they witnessed a great day out there with plenty of billfish in the spread!!


David Luther Jnr & David Luther Snr , with Larry Luther and…
His daughter Kim Luther
March 22nd and 23rd it was another family affair with the Luther’s as above, brothers David Snr and Larry Luther have both been down to Guatemala before and this time brought son and daughter to experience fishing at its best. First day out the bite had slowed down from the previous day with 7 from 15 bites for the day proving once again they were tough to hook… Our second day on the water was a beauty for them to experience with the sailfish snapping and getting in on a group of spinners holding plenty of good tunas!!
Kim with a big sail.
The morning bite was steady and early in the afternoon we ran out to group of spinners, there was huge amounts of bait out there and on our first pass we saw some good sized tunas busting in the 60lb-70lb range. We couldn’t get onto them though at the other end of the group we got into some nice tunas of about 30-35lb’s. We had a great time catching those before the radio started humming with reports of sails balling baits back inside. We ran back in there and 2 doubles and a triple before heading back to the dock with 23 sailfish released and 8 nice tunas aboard.
Lots of sails balling baits inside of the tuna bite..
And David Jnr with another big girl.


Cody Davis, Dan Benditz, Brad Benditz, Tyler Boss, Jack Herr, Tom Krc and Hayden Krc
March 24-25-26 we fished this group for their first trip down to Guatemala. These guys have fished from Panama to Costa Rica to Mexico, though Guatemala topped the lot as far as they were concerned!! First day out on Allure II we had good steady sailfish action all day and got into the spinner dolphin again with a good tuna bite!
Tyler above and Cody below with a couple of the nicer ones.
We boated 10 tunas with a couple pushing the 50lb mark. We also released 18 sailfish from 34 bites with Allure also getting into the tunas and releasing 13 sailfish from 19 bites. Next day we fished the western side of the pocket once again and Allure had the hum today going 16 from 24 bites and boating a bunch of tunas.
On Allure II a little slower with 13 from 19 bites and enough tuna for lunch. We finished the day at the bottom of the eastern corner of the pocket and fished there with good action the last day out with 20 releases from 29 bites and a couple of mahi’s on Allure II and Allure went 17 from 27 bites. A great trip for the crew then with a 3 day total of 97 sailfish released, a bunch of tunas and some nice mahi’s. Looking forward to seeing these guys back down in Guatemala next year!!


John Musselman and Scott King
March 27 and 28th it was good to see Guatemala regular John Musselman back down here for 2 days of fishing with his good buddy Scott King both from Midlands, Texas. our first day out we chased the fish down to the east and found them about 8NM down from the day before. Some funky fish and some super aggressive ones too. We raised 27 for the day, had 22 bites and released 13. A good first day out for the guys and they were getting into the swing of it baiting their own fish. the next day we headed to the west with the current moving the fish too far to the east. It was steady and we got into the tunas pretty thick as well as raising 17 sails and the guys releasing 7 from 12 bites. 


L-R, Dan Bruyn, Brock Wilson, Anthony Fuzio, Chris Hawa, and Mickey Phelan.
April 3rd and 4th the above group had a large time down here on the water and down at the lodge. First day out fishing the bottom of the pocket here in close then first fish of the day for Brock Wilson was a feisty blue marlin of about 150lb’s tagged and released.
First fish of the day for Brock.
From there on in it was a little on the slow side for sails raising 6 for the day and releasing 3 from 5 bites, there was also another blue marlin that crashed the short teaser though never came back….
The next day we ran out wide to the west looking for something better and found some good action out there. Once again the first fish of the day was a blue that crashed the short teaser, we had the mackerel back there thought he fish stayed deep and then disappeared, after long seconds it came up on the rigger bait eating the swimming ballyhoo. A nice fish too of about 275lbs on the 30lb tackle for Dan. This fish was tough, giving Dan a good work out to sweat out the excessive vodka from the night before…..
Nice fish on the 30lb!
He hung in there though getting the tag in after about a 45 min workout. From there on in the crew enjoyed a good steady sailfish bite releasing 19 sails from 23 bites. Awesome way to finish off their trip!!


Audrey and Brad Crawford with Carol and Clay Hoblit
April 5-6-7 we welcomed first timers to Guatemala the Hoblit’s and the Crawford’s. After beautiful conditions the day before we had a stiff and unseasonal ENE’er blow for our first day on the water with this group. Running out wide to where the fish were the day before we found some action off the bat though not as consistent and the wind blew right through the day. We picked up to come home after lunch with 14 sails raised and 6 releases from 12 bites. 
Our next day out we worked the edge hard down to the west, still some wind out there and wind swell to 6ft+ so hard to work any areas. We did raise a few double headers for the day with 11 raised and 4 releases from 8 bites. With the weather conditions looking favorable for our last day on the water we knew it was a matter of finding them off the edge to the west, and we did. We had a great day out there releasing 12 sailfish from 14 bites, a nice blue marlin for Brad, tagged and released on the 50lb standup and 4 YF tunas boated. A great send off and some very happy punters going home with some great memories…..
Audrey Crawford released this big sail
And Carol with hers….
And a nice fat blue marlin for Brad
Clay Hoblit finished off his trip at the Oasis fishing the mangrove canals behind the lodge in the Oasis panga. He got 5 snappers and a snook back there before heading up to Antigua in the early afternoon, a good keen fisherman, nice going Clay!!. This group are in Antigua for the next few nights, touring, mountain biking and enjoying the ambience and all that Antigua has to offer. Something that should not be forgotten about. Guatemala has more to offer than just the best fishing around!!
We are hoping to start booking up May. The fishing at this time of year right through to November is normally a lot more varied with more blue marlin about, tunas, mahi’s and of course the sailfish bite keeps punters happy. Get in touch with us, as you can see, here it is more about catching than fishing….


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