Dolores, John and Colin

April 2-3-4 in for the Easter Weekend it was great to catch up with these guys again returning from their February trip with 13 yr old son Colin having a crack at sailfish on the fly rod. The fish we were expecting to come in with the inshore current finally did come in out wide though with the amount of bait out there they were on the tough side to tease all the way in…

Sporty conditions out there, though the crew got it done…..

They all managed multiple releases on the fly with Colin doing a great job, casting to the right spot every time, and released a couple as well.

For the trip we raised 45 sailfish and a blue marlin was well as a couple of mahi. As mentioned some tough to tease all the way in fish but we had some good shots, great bites and releases. The blue was too hot crash biting our long teaser and got hold of it pretty good and that was that.


Nick, Brendon, Jordan and Nick

March 27-30th good to see these fellas back here in Guate. They’ve seen it here at it’s best, good to average and then there was this trip. A bit on the tough side, though Guatemala when it is tough is still pretty good fishing.

With a strong current pushing in blue water it was only a matter of time before fish were found out wide coming in, so we looked hard though it was slim pickings for sailfish.

Brendon on his blue marlin

For the trip we raised 15 sailfish, boated a 25lb tuna and got into the mahi mahi pretty good as well as a late in the day blue marlin for Brendon of about 275lbs, all due to this of course……

Last day out we found a couple of logs that were loaded with XXL bull mahi’s and had a blast on some tough beasts…

8 XXL’s and several smaller ones made for good action and great lunches…..


Lee Snr, Lee III and Lee II with Wayne and Gabe

March 20-22 good to see the big fella Lee Bull back here with his dad and his son along with Port Aransas locals Wayne and Gabe of Billfish Pachanga Tournament fame . Talk about a day late and a dollar short. They were biting strong in the days leading up to this trip though the current was pushing an already far bite even further toward Mexico…

We chased ’em but it was all over as far as that body of fish was concerned and ended the day with 17 bites

And went wide the next day looking for the next bite coming up short, zigged when we shoulda zagged and had a tough day on the water….for the trip we still ended up with 27 bites on sailfish and a few nice mahi in the boat. Young Lee Bull III did awesome bait and switching a couple of sailfish and a nice mahi to boot. They bite hard those mahi……..

As well as some pretty awesome shots from Bull.

And the 3 generational shot….

Of the 3 Bulls, good stuff.

The big body of green water that has been parked in front sitting in the middle of the ‘pocket’ has finally moved on. We’ve had some strong currents pushing in from the east, then swirl and come in from the west and the water out there is looking good over a large area right now. The currents are still changing though the water temp, quality and conditions look good for April.

Right now we have April 20-23 open and the last few days of April 27-30th as well. In May we have 6th though 13th that are available. Typically more blues, mahi and tunas as well as the ever present sailfish about. Contact:



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