Chilling out at the bar down at the Lodge.
We fished the above group March 31st, April 1 & 2 with John Codrington, Josh Starnes and Hill fishing the first day out before Capt Hill took over helm duties with the added crew of Tommy and son Thomas Edwards and Chad Schroeder for the next 2 days. The 3 day total was 34 sails raised with 16 releases from 27 bites. There were also 5 blue marlin in the spread with 4 raised the last day alone! They tagged and released a nice blue in the 200lb class from 2 bites that last day out.
Look out.
A hot fish that charged the boat after a 2 second U turn…….The 4 blues were all raised in the last 3 hours of the day, great way to finish off their trip!! They also got into the tunas……


L-R Gary with son’s Taylor, Garrett and Jordan Roy and friend ‘Tiburon’ Scharck
April 3rd and 4th we welcomed the above father and son crew with good friend ‘El Tiburon’ for 2 days of fishing. First time in Guatemala for this lot all from Houston…..The fish have been out there though acting funky, coming in on teasers than disappearing, whacking baits and dropping them. We raised 33 over the 2 days releasing 9 sails from 25 bites, tough ratio through no fault of the anglers!!
Gary with a large sail
Last day we went out wide after a request for yellowfin tunas and found some late in the day boating 4 tunas in the 20-25lb class.


Brad Klein, Hill Dishman and Dan Wheat
April 6-7th great to see these old buddies fishing together and to catch up with Brad and Dan again. More of the same on the fishing front, we went east first day out to see find fish with attitude…..the sails were as finicky as ever, we raised 24 sailfish first day out and released 8 from 18 very soft bites. We were fortunate enough to raise a blue in the 200lb class on the bridge teaser that sat under the pitch bait forever till it committed to eat. Hill did a great job hooking up from a finicky bite and we got the tag and release on a very stubborn, tough fish.
Nice blue!
We went looking the next day…..exploring, headed way out wide and to the east, looking for Guate’buena’, not Guate’mala’……Raised 10 sails, half of them did bite, though lady luck was not on our side…
A tough pill to swallow……


L-R Jamie and Cindy Dishman with Alyson and Drew Donalson and a nice striped marlin
April 8-9th Always nice to catch up with familiar faces and fish this group for a couple of days. Started in close, abandoning the east after the previous days results, looking for a blue. It wasn’t long before we had a hot, hot fish on the teaser and Jamie got the bite on the pitched mackerel, not a blue, but a nice sized striped marlin that put on a great show for the crew. Jamie did the job and we tagged and released that stripey…
Hot stripey, Jamies first, nice job!
For the rest of the trip we raised 31 sailfish, more of the same, tough fish on the teasers and tough to convert bites to releases though at least we saw fish releasing 6 over their 2 days from 13 bites. Late in the last afternoon we found active spinners working with birds and tunas busting, nice way to finish the trip with 5 tunas boated.
Alyson and Drew
And Cindy with hers…


Father and son….Will with dad Tim.
April 10th-12th. Nice to catch up with Tim Peat again, all the way from England, this time bringing son 17 yr old Will. Cool father and son trip to take! These guys are strictly fly fisherman and with the way the fish had been behaving on the teasers we knew it was going to be tough to tease them all the way in….let alone switch to the fly. Over their 3 days here we did raise 35 sailfish into the spread, from the 35 raises we got 8 of them to bite the fly, 2 of the bites were coming at the fly bill whacks, not good bites and nearly impossible to convert to a hook-up. So, 6 good bites, 6 hook-ups and 6 sailfish released on the fly. That there is impressive fishing, talk about making the most of your shots….and they were some quality sails on the fly, all tough, hard fighting fish…
Big sail in the 120lb class for Tim
On the second day we raised a sail that was coming in half hearted when another fish appeared on the teaser behind it coming in hot, we concentrated on that fish and Will cast, got the bite and was hooked to a perfect sized stripey for the fly.
Working to lift the fish that stayed down and tough for most of the fight….
Stripey on the fly….
Tagged and released, nice going Will!!
As mentioned, good, quality flyfishing for these guys. Maybe not the numbers that we had been in experiencing in previous weeks, though still an awesome trip for them and congrats on their ratio with 7 releases from 7 hook-ups!


Aimee and Chad Burgess with Dawn and Ryan McMinn….absent, Scott McShan
April 13-14th we welcomed the above group for 2 days on Allure II and down the lodge. Over 2 days with these guys we raised 41 sails and got 35 to bite releasing 13 sailfish, tough ratio though as mentioned previously, no fault of the anglers, the way these fish were biting it was hard to convert…..2nd fish of our first day out there was a nice blue pushing the 300lb mark, hot on the short teaser we got a good bite on the pitched mackerel and Ryan did the job, tagging and releasing this fat fish…
Ryan with his blue…
Next day we raised a large blue that stayed behind the boat for literally minutes, tried hard, though couldn’t get the bite out of her. Later in the afternoon we hooked another smaller marlin that put on a show before throwing the hook. The afternoon sail bite today was steady… bites at least.
Last fish of the trip for Aimee in the last minute of the day….
Good crew, good times and looking forward to seeing them back here.
It has still been good fishing right through, though some tough bites from some finicky billfish. We are definitely starting to see more numbers and I think they are going to start biting here more aggressively in the next few days. Onwards and upwards, the marlin bite has been steady and should get better as the year progresses as well as tuna and the mahi bite should improve as well….We have a few openings in May, come down and get into some of this incredible fishery.


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