T.C. & Mary Brook Ewing, Heather Johnson, Mary Amelia Downs, Hayley Johnson, Nick Maxwell and Bryant Reckling.
January 8th and 9th we welcomed the above group (including el jefe, Craig Johnson) for Heather Johnson’s Birthday bash. Fishing on both ALLURE and ALLURE II we had to run wide to find ’em though got into them pretty good both days with 59 sails released in their 2 days of fishing as well as 2 big mahi’s for the table. The seas were a bit sporty though that didn’t deter this hardcore group, fishing and partying like true pro’s…. they had a ball out there both on the Pacific and back at the Oasis we are looking forward to their next trip back here! 
Good times in Guate!
Check out the cool video they put together:


David Myerson, Steve Fisher, Chris Carter, Lucy Fisher and Ron Furby
January 10th and 11th we welcomed back Lucy Fisher this time introducing the rest of the above group for their first Guatemalan experience. First day out we overshot the fish a bit though had some late in the day activity and released 8 from 15 bites. Apart from Lucy it was first time billfish releases for the rest of the crew so the next day we had a good, fun sailfish school session going. They all managed to hook their own fish from some great teaser bites with 16 from 23 on the sails and 3 nice big bull mahi’s boated. The long runs meant plenty of time to enjoy those cocktails on the ride home…..
Lucy with dad Steve.
Chris with his first sail.
And 3 big bull mahi’s in the 25lb-30lb class.

                                         BOBBY RICHTER GROUP 68 RELEASES

                 Bobby Richter, Jonathan Meyer, James Preis and Nicholas Scherb on their first quad.
January 12th through the 15th it was great to see Bobby and James both from Port Aransas back here,  bringing with them first timers to Guatemala, Jonathan Myers from San Antonio and Nicholas Scherb from Ft Lauderdale. We had good fishing the first day out with 19 from 29 releases and it got better the second, by the afternoon we had released 27 from 42 bites on the conventional tackle and decided to try the fly. We raised another 9 fish on the teasers bringing it up to 57 sails raised for the day and we got 4 of those to bite the fly, it was a baptism of fire for Jonathan and Nicholas releasing none on the wand though they at least had it figured by the time we were back on the water the next day…
And they missed very few on the fly from there on in!
Big sail for Jonathan…
And a beauty for Nick!
Late in the third day we raised a wad of them behind the boat, the boat was knocked out of gear and James cast and hooked one on the fly. With another 5+ fish back there Bobby grabbed the other fly rod and laid out a great cast under James’, the resulting bite from the second fish was incredible coming from the deep at speed. Nick hooked up on the conventional tackle and with still several fish back there Jonathan cast the spinning rod into the melee getting an instantaneous bite. A solid quad with two on the fly, one on the spinning rod and one on conventional! They split us going with one going west and the others east, it took some time though we picked them off releasing them all and getting both flies back, awesome way to finish the day! 
And their second quad of the trip, with 2 on the fly…
A great time as always with Bobby and James and an awesome introduction to Guatemala for Nick and Jonathan releasing 68 sails and a good mahi for Nick supplying the rest of us with lunch for a couple of days….We’re looking forward to seeing you guys back down here soon!!


Casey McDermand, Andrew Taylor, Trent Marino and Brandon Williams
January 17th-18th we had a large time with the above group, Casey and Trent introducing Guate to Andrew and Brandon. A little slow considering the way the bite had been though still good fishing up the west side of the pocket and the guys returned the great averages of 6 from 7 bites! Second day out we went out wide to the west and got into some fish found by one of the other boats off the edge later in the afternoon. 
Blue water, lots of bait and fish pushing in
The fish were acting funky for the other boats out there and us too!! Coming in hot though some weird bites and tough to keep them hooked….we ended up with 18 bites releasing 10 of them, it was a busy, fun afternoon and good to see a large body of fish coming in with the current from the west. Good times with this crew and we’re planning their return trip.


Stan and Claire Odland with Marianne Cooper Lee.
January 19th we fished the donated/auctioned trip with Stan and Claire Odland and Willis and Marianne Cooper Lee supporting the Education for the Children Foundation and the school La Esperanza in Jocotenango. A great cause to a school helping an impoverished area just outside of Antigua. Leaving the dock late and returning early we got the above group into some fish in the bottom western corner of the pocket releasing 4 from 5 bites, first sailfish releases for Claire, Stan and Willis, so congrats to them. Beautiful day out there topped off with a night at the Oasis, a good trip for them supporting a great Foundation!!

All in all the fishing this January has been excellent, the boats that went out wide chasing the bite yesterday the 19th had good action on both the sails and plenty of yellow fin tunas as well. We’re looking forward to getting back out there on Thursday!! Right now we have February 24th to 26th open so get in touch and secure them to get into what is shaping up to be a very good season down here in Guatemala!!


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