March 9-10-11 Awesome to see the CHASCO CONSTRUCTION group out of Austin TX here at the Oasis again with us. Their 4th trip in the past 5 years with just the Covid blip in 2020. Good times all round, a fun group to host!

And we had good fishing to boot, the bite getting steadily better each day, fishing Allure II, Capt Hook and Intensity they released 122 sailfish went 1 from 2 on blue marlin and boated several large mahi mahi.

Incredible trip and they finished up their last day touring Antigua, a long lunch at the unique Cerveceria Catorce and back to the Lodge for their last night. They’re already looking at dates for next years trip which says it all.

Thanks Sailfish Oasis for once again providing excellent accommodations, Nick’s leadership on all our activities, 5 star meals from Carlos and his team, Fredy’s bartending and fellowship. Capt Chris and the crew on Allure II, Capt Mike and the crew on Intensity and Capt Eddie and the crew on the Hook for EPIC fishing! Can’t wait to see you guys again. 

Jack Richards, Chasco Construction.




March 7-9th great to meet the above crew out of Galveston for their first time at the Oasis. Fishing 4 days with Capt Manolo aboard Piragua they raised well over 100 sails got into some slammer bull mahi’s and picked up the circle hook rigged dead bait fishing methods releasing 21 sails on their last day out…

Triple header for the crew.




March 11-12-13 Great to see Paul Sherwood back for his 2nd trip in consecutive years this time introducing Team Reel Okies, his wife Karen and father and son team Corban and Kale all out of Oklahoma and first timers to dead bait fishing they jumped in the deep end…

With 97 sailfish raised over their 3 days on the water and 78 bites it’s a good opportunity to learn and watching their improvement was awesome to see.

As well as all the sailfish they also got into some XXL mahi’s, great sport and great eating.

Good fishing and plenty learnt on the water, we look fwd to seeing them back here.




March 14-16th. So good seeing Team Panacea, the Childress’ family here for Spring Break once again. It’s been a long covid interrupted 3 years since their last trip down so it was a good catch up with Capt Chad and his family.

Over their 3 days we mixed it up with sailfish and chasing tunas and mahi and got into a bit of everything  with 40 sailfish raised and a few tuna and big mahi’s.

Even got the release on a tangled up booby.




March 17-18th. Father and son group Ray and Anthony along with Wells and Sam came down for a couple of day fishing during Springbreak from Savannah.

The fishing was a bit tough by Guatemalan standards though we still raised 18 sailfish and a blue marlin over their 2 days with us as well as a couple of large mahi mahi for the boys.

And while Anthony was getting the release on a large female sailfish, check it out:




March 25-27th. Midland regular John Musselman introduced Van and Cale to the Lodge and fishery and it turned on for them.

In x 2 days of fishing we raised 43 sailfish and a blue marlin, getting 39 to bite and the guys did great releasing 25 as well as a couple of mahi in the bin.





BIG Mahi

On their last day we pounded the bottom of the pocket looking for the elusive blue marlin, we gave it our best shot, raised half a dozen sailfish and Van boated a nice mahi. 




March 28-31st from Corpus it was great to host Joe and Nancy for a few days of fishing. Bit slow the first couple of days to the east, mate Enio got some great shots all the same.

We ran way west looking for incoming fish and at 1215 found a bunch of fish off the west corner raising 31 sailfish and a blue by 1415. Good fishing….


Here today, gone tomorrow. We made the long run the following day but couldn’t get on to them the same, disappointing, raised 12 and a large bull mahi. Meanwhile 35nm to the east of us the fishing was pretty good. They’re out there and it’s all pointing toward good consistent fishing from here on. Plenty of deep blue water and the temp has come right…..adios La Niña.


We’re fishing consistently through April 17th, then Capt Jono Nicholas takes over through end of May. We have openings, Jono is chomping at the bit to get out there and these are some great months ahead. May through October are some of our favorite months here in Guatemala. The blue marlin bite turns on, big tunas and mahi’s and the sailfish are here in numbers right through the year. We’re looking to book May through August as these months really produce some excellent fishing with good variety. September we haul the boat  and we’ll be back at it taking bookings for October and onwards.









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