Dec 15th-19th we welcomed first timers David and Don to Guatemala who had heard through the grapevine that the Oasis and Allure II were the place and boat to fish here. They weren’t disappointed!

Over their 5 days on the water they mixed it up, mostly on the fly and a day on conventional tackle they got into the sailfish, had a striped marlin attached to the fly for a while, raised a large blue that didn’t switch and got into a few tuna and plenty of mahi mahi, including a couple of nice ones on the fly!

Now there’s a lunch…

This from Don:

“Travelled to Guatemala for the first time with no expectations other than to catch a few sailfish. Returned home with so much more. you guys treated us more like family & friends than just another fishing charter. I truly appreciate everything you taught me, the good conversations & great hospitality. I will definitely be returning for more! Thanks again, Don”


Houston Big Game Club Group

Dec 12-14th so good to see Jack and Carol from $ea Dollar$ back here and fishing with us and this time introducing Bill and Debra and Curtis and Deborah, all from Houston.

The crew got on to some fantastic fishing raising 54 sailfish, getting 48 to bite and released 30 along with boating 12 mahi and 5 tuna!


Got ’em on…

Thanks to Jack and Carol for inspiring the trip and we’re looking fwd to seeing their return!



Dec 9th-10th. Out of Austin, Parker who had fished with us a couple of years ago got his brothers Preston and Shawn together and bought this trip for their dad Kevin’s 60th birthday. Now that’s pretty awesome.

Over their 2 days on the water they released 20 sailfish and boated several mahi’s

Wants in the boat…

Happy Birthday Kevin and we enjoyed hosting you guys…



Dec 9th-11th Allure II participated in what is fast becoming Guatemala’s largest tournament run by Pacific Fins. 19 boats took part in total including 4 anglers aboard AllureII and we also hosted 9 guests down at the Lodge.

First morning, queuing up for the shotgun start….

Over 1000 billfish were released over the 3 day tournament, a huge success, Allure released 50 from 86 bites and mate Enio captured some amazing footage of a free swimming rare albino sailfish:

Pretty impressive and congrats on an equally impressive tournament!



Dec 5-6-7-8, Great to see Tim make the effort to take the long haul across the Atlantic for 4 day of fishing with daughter Sarah from Denver  and Terrence from Boston. We first fished with Tim back in ’06 with his good fishing buddy Brian Shinkle. Nice to see the family come together for 5 nights down the Oasis and aboard Allure. And what a trip it turned out to be….

Triple header for team Lonsdale.

Over their 4 days we had 64 sailfish bites, raised a couple of blue marlin that didn’t do much off the teasers, boated a bunch of mahi’s, and then there were the tunas…..

Terrence cranking up the heat!!!

It took some time but Terrence bested this new boat record 269lb tuna, what a beast, absolute tough SOAB, well done!!

And the next day he beat this 136lber in a few minutes…

It’s been a privilege fishing with you over these years Tim, some incredible memories, we hope to see you back!!



Dec 2-3-4 Tommy and Frank from North Carolina’s first trip to the Oasis was on fire. Good fishing and they jumped in head first dropping back the baits to the fish from the outset.

Double headers, a triple and singles from some multiple packs in the spread.


Over their x 3 days they raised 77 sailfish and released 39 for 54 as well as boating a bunch of mahi mahi. Incredible fishing for the guys who had nothing but the highest of praise for the staff at the Lodge and on the boat, the facilities and the food. We look forward to their return.


Merry Christmas from all of us here at Sailfish Oasis, we hope you all enjoy the best of Christmas……family. If it’s getting too cold up north we can relieve you here in the tropics!! It’s shaping up to be a special season here in Guatemala, at least from the early signs of bait and different bodies of fish to be found out there these past few weeks. The big tunas this year have been a bonus and long may it last. The Lodge and boat are both in top shape after the maintenance and upgrades. Super excited about the upcoming season, come and see why.

Sundowners behind the Lodge…..




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