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The fishing has remained excellent here in Guate especially for mahi mahi and there is always a better than average shot at a blue marlin as well as the ever present sailfish. The problem with this time of year is not the weather nor the lack of fish, just the lack of boats out there and the coverage. When you are the only boat out there it can take some time to find the fish, though more often than not working the edges and currents we’ll get you on to ’em.
May 21st and 22nd we welcomed Chief Tauzin back to Guatemala for a couple of days of fishing with partner Amber. In the days leading up to his arrival there had been a fairly good blue marlin bite with boats seeing up to 4 blues on the 19th. We worked the east edge of the pocket expecting the current to be pushing up against there and holding some fish, unfortunately the current had done an about turn on us and we missed the marlin though got into a few sailfish and mahi’s. The next day we headed to the west side of the pocket with the current and found more life with literally hundreds of mahi’s around some flotsam we spent an hour on the light tackle catching plenty before concentrating on the billfish. It was a steady day with a handful of sails released and the last fish of the day this nice 200lb blue which Chief baited perfectly off the bridge teaser with the pitched mackerel on the 30lb tackle. Nice job once again Chief!!

Chief’s blue put up a good show.
May 30th we had 8 anglers from Belgium out for one day of fishing aboard ALLURE and CIRCLE HOOK. On ALLURE we fished Jan Pierle, Guido Van Werde and Paul and Tine Phillips along with hostess Christel Tinselboer. We had perfect weather out there and found the blue water and mahi’s fairly quickly, though with billfish on the mind we worked up the western edge of the pocket and in the afternoon found an area holding some sails. We called Circle Hook into the area and they also got into some action. The group released 7 sails from 12 bites and 14 raises. Considering most of the action came late in the day we wished we were fishing the following day now knowing where the fish were!

Guido, Paul, Christel, Jan and Tine, happy anglers with a double header!

Tine with her first billfish release!!

And an extremely happy Jan with another first.

Sunday June 10th. With the blue water just 5NM off the breakwall and a nice definitive green/blue water line holding logs and trash we decided to head out for a couple of hours fishing late in the afternoon with Cyril Mischler and Thomas Neilsen. Fishing the current line we boated 19 mahi’s from more than twice that number of bites (the guys were learning)….

Cyril with a typical sized mahi.
and trolled a mile or so off the current line into the blue water after catching enough mahi’s to eat landing a double header of sails for the guys before heading back to the dock, not bad for a couple of hours fishing!!

Cyril and Thomas hooked up to a double header of sails, while we were on these we saw another 3 sails free-jumping in the area, so there were definitely a few about!

June 19th-20th we welcomed back Jack Pitts and Roy Hefley this time with Guatemalan first timers Stacey Shivers and Cole Horton. We found beautiful blue water out there and some pretty good fishing with some mahi’s 5 sails from 8 bites and 10 raises as well as a nice blue marlin that crashed the Legend lures black-head Piper off the bridge teaser near the end of the second day. All in all a great trip down to Guate for the crew who all enjoyed the wonderful facilities down at SAILFISH OASIS and aboard ALLURE and are all talking about their return trip down here….

Close up before release…

Cole Horton with his first billfish release.

Always good times and good fishing in Guatemala, as always we’ll do our best to put you on ’em and show you a great time you’ll never forget. ALLURE is the top marlin release boat for the 2011-2012 season down here in Guatemala and if you come down here for a few days we’ll get you on to one of these beautiful tough fish guaranteed over the summer months, along with sails, mahi’s and tunas out wide we have an all round great fishery here. For more details get in touch with us here at Sailfish Oasis…..

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