December 16-20 traveling anglers Don and Martha from Arkansas experienced their first trip to Guatemala and were blown away with the quality of both the accommodations and the fishing here. Having fished numerous destinations around the world they were sold on Guatemala after 4 days of great fishing.

Mixing it up between the fly and conventional they raised 105 sailfish releasing 51 from 82 bites!!

And to top it off on their last day out Don released a feisty blue marlin from 2 bites early on in the day, both fish came up hot on the teasers though dropped back and ate the trolled ballyhoo on the light stuff….

We had a great time on the water and back at the Lodge and are looking forward to seeing them back here next December.


December 17-19 Craig Zoufaly introduced father and son Joe and Kevin from West Palm Beach, Florida to Guatemala, the Oasis and Intensity. Another incredible introduction for these guys who experienced 3 days of great fishing that peaked on their last day out…

Over the 3 days on conventional tackle they raised over 100 sailfish releasing 72 from 98 bites!!


December 14-15 awesome to see David Harris back down here in Guatemala bringing his dad Andy down for his 70th birthday celebrations along with his sons Hudson (10) and Lane (7) for 3 generations of Harris’ on the boat…….And what a couple of days on the water….

Double header of blue marlin for Lane and Hudson

They brought the marlin luck with them this lot, an unbelievable first day out there and a new one day marlin record for Allure II with 6 marlin released for the day. Some great bites off the short teasers and David did the job on the pitch baits going 4 from 4 on blues. For their day they went 5 from 5 on blue marlin, 3 from 4 on sailfish and released a black marlin for the GRAND SLAM.

Some healthy blue marlin with a couple of the fish on the plus side of 350lb’s

And a perfect sized black on the 30lb test that ate the trolled ballyhoo.

 A day none of us will forget in a hurry, crazy stuff! Our second day out we chased the tunas and didn’t have quite the same hook up ratio with a bit of bad luck,  a few that pulled the hooks and a nice one that chewed through the leader, bugger!

We did boat one good one, went 3 from 4 on sailfish and missed a nice big blue marlin that crashed our tuna plug in amongst the spinners though did not hook up.

Meanwhile the majority of the fleet were fishing about 35nm to the east of us and were in on an incredible sailfish bite. The top boat releasing 81 sailfish the first day on it and the second day on the top boats released up to 50 odd sailfish. Incredible couple of days in Guatemala with all species of fish biting hard.


In for one day of fishing on December 5th Gail and Tammie from Houston also brought some Texas luck with them.

First fish of the day for Gail a hot blue marlin off the short teaser, a tough fish too though Gail got the release in about 45mins. Good effort there.

A pretty good sailfish bite going on out there as well with the girls releasing 8 from 11 bites and missing another blue that ate the ballyhoo bait , went crazy on the lighter stuff and broke off…

The bite was starting to pick up and after releasing a triple header of sailfish the girls requested a tuna, so we left the billfish bite and found some spinner dolphin off the edge. A big area we worked hard and at the end of the day Tammie got her fish, and a beauty too that measured out to 128lbs. Good effort and another incredible day on the water here in Guatemala!

This season here in Guatemala is shaping up to be a classic. If you want to target them there are big tunas out wide, the blue marlin bite has been steady to excellent and the sailfish bite has been good to incredible. It’s all out there and has been awesome to witness. We just had some late and mid March dates open up and there are still 2 late January days on Allure II available. Apart from that Intensity has a few prime dates available that will not last. It has been nothing short of amazing down here. Don’t miss out, the bite is on, get down to Guatemala and experience the trip of a lifetime with the best accommodations at the Oasis and top of the line charter boats in Allure II, Intensity and Capt Hook.


Happy Holidays and the very best 2020 to all.


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