L-R: Mike Buckland, J.L Leffler, Sue and Bill Buckland.
March 7-9 we welcomed back Bill and Mike Buckland, this time introducing to the Lodge and Allure II, Bill’s wife, Sue and J.L. Leffler. From Fisherman’s Center fame in Palm Beach Florida the crew hit an awesome spell of fishing here with their best day going 51 from 81 bites!!
Over their 3 days the crew released 119 sailfish!! Amazing trip, with the last 3 sailfish on the last day  released on the fly. To top it off we teased in a nice 275lb blue marlin for Mike who got an amazing bite on the pitched mackerel and tagged and released the blue on the 50lb stand-up gear. 
Awesome bite and great angling Mike!
Tagged and released….
And Sue with her first sail on the fly.

This from Bill: 

Hi Chris,We had an absolute Great time. Fishing couldn’t have been better! Everything was perfect the lodge,food, staff was excellent.


L-R: J.R. Waits, William Harkey, Trey Harkey, Jason Harkey and Terry from the Carolinas
Over the same time period, March 7-9 the above group were at the Oasis fishing on the Captain Hook. Hosted by J.R. the crew also got into this amazing fishing with 110 sailfish released over 3 days and 4 of them on the fly!
This from J.R. 

We landed 50 sailfish on our first day!! In 3 days fishing, we raised over 170 sailfish, had 144 eat, and landed 110 including 4 sails on the fly! By far the best offshore fishing that I have ever experienced. Sailfish Oasis lodge was impeccable and food out of this world. I hope to see y’all again next year. Thank you very much.Cheers,Capt. J.R. Waits •


Mateo and Bobby Richter with Ryan Maspero
March 10-13 great to see Bobby back here this time with his son Mateo and his girlfriend, fellow Kiwi, Ryan Maspero. The sailfish were biting and we got into them the first day before changing to fly late on the 2nd day. 
Fishing Bobby style, rod in holder, couple of cranks of the handle while supping a beer…
With a blue marlin bite at 8nm to 12nm in the middle of the deep water in the pocket we sacrificed a hot sailfish bite 30nm offshore to target blues. It paid off over the next 2 days we raised 6 blues releasing 3 from 4 bites including this beast for Ryan, her first blue ever which she hooked herself, fought and released on 30lb test…..!
Awesome shot of Ryan’s fish, thanks to mate Enio for the skills on the camera!
Next Mateo got an incredible hot bite on the pitch bait from a 325lb blue right on the second wave, never get tired of that! Bobby also got in on the blue action releasing a 200lber
Nice fat blue for Bobby….
After targeting the marlin we ran offshore and got into the sail bite and tried them on the fly, in the afternoon we released 7 from 11 bites as well as a few the previous day.
Mateo and Bobby
And Ryan with her first sail on the fly, she went 6 from 9 bites the last afternoon!
Sail on the fly.


Pat Brobst, J Godwin, Bill Evans and Scott Kozak with crew on the Hook
March 11-13 great to see these regulars back down here and fishing aboard the Capt Hook. 3 days of spectacular fishing for them as well. These guys are good, they do the tournament series through Central America and practice hard!! 105 sails released in 3 days as well as a 200lb blue for Scott Kozak. Great fishing!!
We were back out there today and the fish have moved inside the eastern edge and were biting well, we raised 76 sailfish and released 46 from 67 bites today with solo angler Hill Dishman. We worked the bottom of the pocket trying for a blue in the morning, we did raise a big fish on the teaser though could not get the bite on the pitched mackerel …..At mid/late morning we ran to the sail bite and it was on. This season is really proving to be something else!! We have plenty of openings in May so get in on this incredible season we are having….Contact: