July, a Good Month of Fishing!

Bobby ‘n Carol


Tuna on the Yummee flyer!!

Bobby and Carol came down with Chuck and Jan but added on an extra couple of days. Tried some canal fishing their first day and got into a couple of small snook, and several snappers…

Our day offshore we concentrated on tunas fishing live baits under the kite and then the Yummee flying fish also under the kite. Saw some amazing bites!!! Boated 4 tunas from a bunch of bites, saw a 130lb odd tuna clear out of the water crash the Yummee. All good stuff. In between we released 3 from 7 bites on sailfish. A fun day the water that one!


Chuck, Jan and Charlie

Along with Bobby and Carol introduced Chuck and Jan’s 13yr old grandson Charlie to offshore fishing, and he may well be spoilt for life….Their first day out they witnessed a massive pod of spinners with spotties in the mix, fin back whales, massive manta ray, sailfish, marlin, tunas and a mahi.

Over their 3 days on the water they raised 2 blue marlin releasing one, went 20 from 27 bites on sailfish and boated a bunch of good tunas and a couple of large mahi-mahi! Thats good fishing and Charlie got into most of them. Pitching baits to the sailfish, released the blue marlin and caught too many to count tunas and both large mahi.

Congrats to Charlie on some excellent fishing!!


David, Fred, Jay and Dan

The above crew were back to fish July after their memorable February trip! We promised them variety in these months and delivered. A great trip concentrating on the tunas the first day, landing a bunch and pulling the hook on a nice one…Raised a beautiful big blue that day as well, crash bite on the teaser, came in but did not switch to the pitch bait.

The rest of their trip we chased the billfish and they ended up raising 38 sailfish releasing 16 from 32 bites.

And raised 4 blue marlin releasing 2 from 3 bites. A nice one on the 30lb test for Jay and a solid one on the pitch bait for David, a big tough fish.


Joe and Nancy

Great to see these 2 back as well since their trip in January! More good fishing with some ‘National Geographic’ moments amongst the spinner dolphin with fin back whales, tunas, mahi, marlin and sailfish in the mix!

For their trip with us they went 27 from 40 bites on sailfish, raised 4 blue marlin and Joe released 1, we missed another and boated 3 mahi’s and 4 tunas.


Journey of a Fisherman Group

Our good mate from NZ Tony Orton once again hosted a group to Guatemala and the Oasis for 5 days of fishing. 7 anglers spread from the North of the North Island to the South of the South Island of New Zealand. A good mix and a good week of fishing aboard Allure II and Capt Hook!


The sailfish bite was steady, we got into the tunas good one day and the mahi’s were there in the mix as well as a few blue marlin. Good to see some hot teaser fish for our crews and watch them pitching skipping baits to super aggressive sailfish. Also got a bite to remember from a solid blue marlin off the short teaser. All good stuff.

With Chef Carlos taking care of the last nights dinner. For their trip the crews raised 122 sailfish getting 109 bites of which they released 78, all on dead baits rigged with circle hooks those there are some good averages!!! Along with the sailfish they boated 11 yellowfin tuna and 17 solid mahi mahi to 40+lbs. We also saw a few blues missing one and the other pulling the hook after about 5 mins and the others in the teasers did not come in.


David & Tyler, Jimmy & John

A 2 day father and son trip on the water for the above after a week of good work in Guatemala City.

Solid blue marlin right off the bat for 14 yr old Tyler, great fish and what a bite off the Bonze Lures Submission teaser.

14 yr old John had his shot as well though a little bit of bad luck, breaking one off on the light stuff and pulling the hook on another…..tough luck!!

2 days on the water produced 12 sailfish releases from 25 bites, 1 blue marlin release from 3 bites and 4 solid mahi mahi in the boat! The boys were into it, congrats to them both on some good angling.


Greg & Stacey, Brett & Ty

Fathers Day weekend for the Baumgartner family was 3 days of fishing aboard Allure II and 4 nights at the Oasis Lodge.


A fathers day weekend to remember. 21 sailfish released from 31 bites, a missed blue marlin with a sancocho and 7 nice mahi including a 40lb beast for Stacey that she had to work hard for!!


A fun weekend at the Lodge and good fishing to boot…


A solid late June and July here at the Oasis with exceptional fishing and that summertime variety we enjoy for our crews. The blue marlin have been showing up in reasonable numbers this past July and we expect the fishing to remain strong right through August and into early September after which the boat will be hauled for her yearly maintenance. We are booked August 29-30-31 & Sept 1, though do have Sept 2-3-4 open, and we are booked again Sept 5-6-7 so we’ll be on them, a favorable time to get down here! Apart from that there are some prime dates in August open as well. The spinner porpoise have been out there in numbers with different pods over a large area, some of them holding large tunas. Every time we’ve headed out looking for spinners, we’ve found them. The mahi bite has been steady with all solid 25-40lb fish and on the billfish we’ve raised 204 sailfish and 17 blue marlin in the past 19 fishing days aboard Allure II. Contact us to get into this great time of year:

















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July, a Good Month of Fishing!

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