The Keubler group were in for a few nights to celebrate a bachelor weekend. Andrew, Philip, Mark, Matthew and Tristan started off the weekend stopping off at the Cerveceria 14 outside of Antigua for a personalised tour of the brewery with head brewer Logan…

And finished off with 2 days fishing aboard Allure II. They raised 31 sailfish for the trip getting 26 bites and releasing 10. On their second day they sacrificed an excellent sailfish bite offshore and chose to work the inside of the pocket looking for the blue marlin bite that the previous group had encountered.

Despite working it hard they only raised one blue that did not bite and had a couple of sailfish bites. Some nice mahi out there as well!!



This lot had an epic trip, one to remember!!! For their 3 days on the water they raised 14 blue marlin releasing 6 from 11 bites and raised 41 sailfish going 15 from 39 bites…..

On their second day out things went crazy with the guys seeing 11 blue marlin behind the boat and they released 4 blues going 300-450-500 & 600lbs! That is one epic day, and it could have been better with 2 fish ‘chewing’ through the lighter flurocarbon leader they were using on the live baits.

gx013293 (1)

Congrats to all involved, Capt Jono, Julio, Enio and the anglers Nick, Russell, Chris, Greg and  on a helluva trip.

One of the smaller blues released on their first day out.



The Randy Shea group fished March 15th through 17th and got into some incredible fishing…..

The Randy, Jeff, Theo and Kevin team raised 87 sailfish getting 73 bites along with plenty of mahi mahi and a nice striped marlin to boot. Good times all round!






Ric took his wife Julie and daughters Mariellle and Kenli to Guatemala for Spring Break and had an excellent 3 days on the water and a good time had at the Lodge.

For their 3 days they raised 63 sailfish and released 28 from 51 bites along with a few mahi mahi and a nice blue marlin for Ric…




Sam Moore brought along dad Thomas and son Max for a generational trip not to disappoint!

A nice striped marlin for Max along with 36 sailfish bites and a few mahi for there first x 2 days on the water with the crew on ALLURE II

And they finished their trip aboard Capt Hook for their last day releasing a blue marlin from 2 raises and had 13 sailfish bites for the day. 




Good to see Russell back down here in Guatemala along with Ryan, James, Lohn and Ronald, introducing them to pitching baits to sailfish and striped marlin off the teasers…

For their trip they raised 91 sailfish!!! Out of that they got 72 to bite and also went 1 from 2 on striped marlin and a few large mahi to boot. Good fishing!!




Another trip to remember for Kyle, Eddie, Charlie and Parker from Texas! Over their 3 days aboard ALLURE II they raised an amazing 111 sailfish getting 97 bites from some aggresive fish and several mahi in the mix

Good to see Kyle back down here and taking the crew to the Cerveceria 14 on the way down and proving to his crew the sailfish numbers from his 2021 trip were actually true!




So good to see Drew and Alison back at the Lodge and into the fishing with friends Sheila and Karey. Things started a little slow but the fishing progressed over their days here and ended with a bang.

They raised 49 sailfish getting 31 bites a few nice mahi and on their last day Drew started off with a nice 230lb blue marlin on the 30lb tackle. Pretty work Drew…




Erin and Andy along with Charles and Charley from had a fantastic time with us and have rebooked for next year which says it all. This video about sums it up!!


We’re happy to hear that Charles Gross declared Sailfish Oasis his new favourite fishing destination and they’ve re-booked for next year.

(And this photo)




Our good mate Terrence brought his son Tate for his first trip to Guatemala along with friends Brian and Brooks.

A little sporty out there though it didn’t slow the bite down. The guys saw 45 sailfish in the spread overt their 2 days relating 20 from 36 bites along with a few good mahi.

That’s a precariously placed gaff….

A good month of fishing! The blue marlin have been showing up with regularity later in the month and we had a good striped marlin bite earlier on. The sailfish bite this season has been excellent and the mahi mahi bite kind of crazy good. As we head into April we’ll expect to see more blue marlin and yellowfin tuna encounters. We are fairly booked up in April though we do have other boats available and the odd day aboard ALLURE II as well. 

As the season progresses the blue marlin bite just gets better and we’ll start to see the bigger tuna coming through. The sailfish are here throughout the year and we don’t expect the mahi bite to slow down over the summer months. We’re looking fwd to an excellent blue marlin bite this June through August and hope to be on the water as much as possible to capitalise on the promising start. We have openings aboard ALLURE II the first half of June and then later on in July. Come down and experience Guatemala at our favourite time of the year!










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KEUBLER GROUP The Keubler group were in for a few nights to celebrate a bachelor weekend. Andrew, Philip, Mark, Matthew and Tristan started off the weekend stopping off at the Cerveceria 14 outside of Antigua for a personalised tour of the brewery with head


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