March 14-15 we hosted Vicky and Bill Adkins along with their daughter Bailey and co-pilota Jesse for their first trip offshore fishing here in Guatemala. On a Central American private tour they chose 4 nights at the Lodge and a couple of days fishing aboard Allure II for their Guatemalan portion of the trip.

Bailey with the first fish of the trip, a large one at that!

We’ve had the scourge of a large body of green water out there the past week or more so it’s been covering area looking for pockets of bait and fish

We managed to find a good area holding both on our last day out and made a trip out of it. 

Pilota Jesse….

For the trip we raised 15 sailfish releasing 9 from 13 bites and boated 4 tunas.

Just left Sailfish Oasis! Had a fabulous time!! The staff, fishing, and accommodations were spot on‼️‼️‼️Our family is looking forward to returning again very soon. Thanks again Kiwi, Nick, Freddie, Carlos, Daisy, Eddie, Julio, and Enio.

                                                                                           We give you all ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Vicky A


March 11-12-13 it was great to see these guys back here at the Lodge. Andy, Dean and Aron, the core of the group have been fishing with us for over 15 years now. Good to see a few new faces in the group and that they’re making plans for their return trip next year….

There’s been some large sailfish around though this one is the largest we’ve seen this season for Ephraim Mortenson

Despite the tough conditions with the green water the group fishing aboard Allure II and Intensity released 26 sailfish, a couple of large mahi were boated and they whacked the tunas aboard Intensity.


L-R Jeff, John, Dickey and Todd

March 7-8-9th first timers to Guatemala from Louisiana and they timed their trip well…..

We got into ’em pretty good the first day with the guys having a crack and doing well releasing 24 from 36 bites on sailfish. Next day we found a pallet, loaded up on chicken mahi’s then worked a group of spinner for most of the morning…

Boating 5 tunas and breaking off a real nice one. Made for some outstanding lunch though….fresh mahi, seared tuna and shrimp…

The next day we were back focusing on the sailfish and got into them pretty good, for their trip they released 49 sailfish from 68 bites. Good times and good fishing. We look forward to seeing them back here!


L-R Brendon, Mike and Charlie

March 4-5-6 another first time group that timed it well and hit excellent fishing. Our first day out we worked the west edge looking for fish and had a slow day releasing 7 from 10 bites. The next day we were on ’em good and the fellas fished real well releasing 25 sailfish from 35 bites and 69yr young Mike got himself a nice blue marlin on the light stuff at the end of the day.

We were back into them on their last day out and in the late afternoon they started snapping. An awesome way to finish the trip with a couple of triple headers, double headers back to back to back…..they fished well releasing 30 sailfish from 43 bites. A great trip all round with 62 sailfish from 88 bites and a blue marlin. Good fishing there!!!

We had a great time. Kiwi and crew did and excellent job keeping us on the fish, the mates worked their asses off from the time we got onboard till we tied up at days end. We have fished all over the world and this operation is bar none one of the greatest outfits we have ever experienced. Now we have to figure out when we are going back! Thanks Kiwi

Charlie Schenck.


March 5-6th we hosted Yellowfin founder Wylie Nagler, his son Colton and Yellowfin Marketing Director John Brownlee for 2 days fishing aboard Intensity with Capt Mike Sheeder. The guys experienced the same bite, good fishing with plenty of shots.

For their trip they released 42 sailfish from plenty of bites and were overall super impressed with the accommodations at the Lodge, the tropical quite setting and the food were all commented on. The fishing speaks for itself…..

The body of green water out there is slowly getting pushed out and there is blue water coming in from the west as of the last day we were out there. We’ve had a couple of days in though Intensity starts Friday and Allure II on Saturday for an extended run through Easter. Things are on the change and we are expecting the fishing to pick up here again soon. there have been some large tuna out there to make things interesting and as the season progresses the blue marlin bite normally heats up. Get in touch as we do have some availability through April and May.




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