L-R: With Damien ‘Damo’ Norris, Steve ‘Rangi’ Butler, Jeffro Tuck and Johnny Ives.

Had a few of the Kiwi crew come in to Guate for a couple of days last week. A lot to see and do in a short time including seeing the sights of Antigua, a road trip to some of El Salvador’s premier surf breaks and we managed to get in a day of fishing on ALLURE II and a couple of nights down at the Oasis. Not many boats out recently so tough to know what was happening out there. We ended up working the western side of the pocket, getting into a few sailfish bites along the edge…..


Damo with the first fish of the day.

Found a few areas with sails from here on in, probably missed more than we caught though a good time learning along the way.DCIM100GOPRO

John Ivory with a tough one…

Ended up with all the guys getting into a sailfish each releasing 5 from 11 bites. Just after lunch got the bite from a large bull mahi in the 50lb class that Tucky put the heat on and got in the boat….


Jeff Tuck with big bull mahi…

Steve Butler brought his lure from NZ with him so we put it down the middle in the shotgun position, later in the day we had a marlin hit the left teaser, disappear…..then smoke his plug on the 50W. Steve did the rod work and we tagged and released the 200lb blue to finish off another great day on the water here in Guatemala. Primo day with the boys!!




Good times!!

The report over the weekend from the boats that were out was good, with the current pushing to the east the boats that worked the east side of the pocket had excellent fishing. It is all looking on target to be another phenomenal season down here in Guatemala. Get yourself in the picture!! It is on from here on in…

We’ve had 6 days of fishing since getting the boat back in the water and in those 6 days  we have raised 12 blue marlin releasing 7 from 11 bites, raised 74 sailfish in the spread with 51 releases and several mahi’s boated up to 50lb. Great fishing! November and December are some of the best months down here for the bite and flat seas. Get in touch!!