February 13-14-15. We were thrilled to welcome back Capt Kevin Deerman and his crew from the famous Sportfishing boat Draggin’ Up to Sailfish Oasis in Guatemala. It’s been a few years since Kevin’s last visit, but he came back with his mates Seth and Conner and good friend Ken.

He took the crew along to prepare for the upcoming tournament season in the Gulf of Mexico and although the bite wasn’t what we were hoping for, the guys did a great job releasing 11 sailfish from 15 bites and raised several more that did not bite. 

Like a pro….hold on, he is one.

The last fish of the trip was a feisty blue marlin of about 220lb for Conner on the 30lb test.

With expert guides, top-quality equipment, and access to some of the best fishing grounds in the world, Sailfish Oasis is the perfect place to hone your skills and prepare for competitive fishing events.



February 10-12. We were equally thrilled to welcome back our Super Bowl group to Sailfish Oasis in Guatemala for their 12th year in succession. An awesome group of guys from predominantly Corpus Christi, they had a great time fishing on three boats: the Allure II, Capt. Hook, and Sirena.

Over the last 12 years, this group has released an impressive 1523 billfish, with this year’s count being a lower than average 59. They also caught plenty of large mahi-mahi. 

Air time!

Despite the lower than average billfish release count the group still had a fantastic time here at the Lodge and on the boats, plenty of good humor and good times culminating in Super Bowl Sunday. Everyone is looking fwd to saying goodbye to La Niña and hello to good fishing next year!

First sailfish release for Matt, congrats!



February 9-11 we welcomed first timers to Sailfish Oasis the Pedrotti family also from Corpus Christi. Experienced fisherman they had a blast, super impressed with the fishing and the facilities at the Lodge

The guys released 17 from 30 bites on sailfish as well as a striped marlin and boated plenty of large mahi mahi. They’re talking about their next trip down here with us which sums it up, the food, service, Lodge and ambience are second to none and we look forward to hosting them again!



February 7-8. Another blast from the past and so good to catch up with the above group, minus David though introducing Alexis to Guatemala and Sailfish Oasis. While the fishing may have been slow, the hook up ratio was excellent thanks to Corey, with a 5 for 6 success rate and the one that we didn’t release ‘chewed’ through the leader, so a little unlucky…..
Corey hooked, leadered and released all the sailfish with the girls doing the hard part fighting them and getting them to the leader….Included in the 5 releases were two of the largest sailfish caught this season, with Alexis reeling in an impressive est 140 lb catch as per the above group photo, a real stonker of a sailfish that looked marlinesque on the teaser!!
Big fish!!
And another est 110lb sail….

This is a testament to the expertise of the guides at Sailfish Oasis in Guatemala, who know the local waters and the best spots to catch these prized game fish. There is talk of a summer trip, we hope it happens, June-July and August are excellent months here in Guatemala….


February 4-6 it was great to see Billy Newell and his boys Bryan, Nick and Darrell back here fishing with us and they introduced first timers to Guatemala Mike, Jason, Heath and Chris from Texas through to Louisiana 

They had an incredible 3-day fishing trip on the Allure II and Fishy Business. Though the start was slow, the group finished with excellent fishing, going 43 from 61 bites on sailfish and plenty of large mahi-mahi in the bin.

On their last day they released 30 sailfish between the 2 boats, so it was good to see a consistent bite out there. This from Billy:

“Thanks for another great experience! Still a

First class operation! All of your staff are definitely the  best I’ve encountered. Our group was very impressed”! 
And back at the Oasis in the evening Heath bought a guitar for the Lodge and entertained us, good stuff, good fishing and good times with good people….


Jan30-Feb 3 Good to see Joe and Nancy back with us. They experienced an incredible 5-day fishing trip at Sailfish Oasis in Guatemala, with a fantastic 31-39 bites ratio.

 On day one Nancy missed a striped marlin by just a few feet from the release when the fish jumped toward the boat and threw the hook and then raised a blue marlin on the teaser that did not bite for the potential slam…….

They were also thrilled to catch plenty of large mahi-mahi on their trip and have rebooked for next year.

The premier fishing Sailfish Oasis Lodge is located on the Pacific coast, considered one of the best fishing grounds in the world. With expert guides, top-quality equipment, and luxurious accommodations, Sailfish Oasis is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day of fishing. Book your trip now to experience the adventure of a lifetime and catch your dream fish in beautiful and exotic Guatemala.

Thanks to Allure II mate Enio Morales for the amazing images featured in this months update!





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