January 26-28, The Jason Gast inspired Rehab fishing group has been coming down to Guatemala and Sailfish Oasis for the past 11 years. For the past 8 years it has turned into an annual friendly fishing tournament with the infamous Rehab Sancocho ‘Hall of Shame’ trophy that no one particularly want to win, awarded to the angler with the lowest % ratio for the weekend.

This year the group released 43 sailfish from 58 bites and boated 21 mahi mahi. Despite the slow fishing, the group still had a great time and enjoyed each others company at the Lodge and  aboard Allure II, Capt Hook and Tranquility. Jason Waligura aka ‘Stabber’ will have his name inscribed into the plaque this year, mostly due to an unlucky rotation and getting any bites! Andre was the opposite, a fish magnet and made the most of it releasing 9 form 10 bites!

All fish were released on 7/0 Eagle Claw 2004EL circle hooks promoting conservation and sustainability in sport fishing. The group is already looking forward to next years tournament.



Shane, Paul, Kevin, MIA: Nick.

January 22-14 the Schram group had an exciting time out on the water during their recent fishing trip.

The group caught 15 out of 20 sailfish, countless dorado and tuna and went 2 from 3 bites on blue marlin.

Although the billfish bite was a bit on the slow side, on day one they were leading and gaffing the tuna and dorado they boated and by the last day they were hooking all their own fish.

The Schram is a great example of a team that not only work well together but also enjoy each other’s company out of the office. It was a fantastic time on the water and the group is already planning their next trip.



January 22-25. The fishing trip of 76 year old Chuck was a great success. Fishing aboard Piragua with Capt Manoloa he landed not one, but three on the fly rod and a beautiful mahi mahi, all on fly’s tied by himself.

As well as landing black skipjack on the fly he also got several more mahi and sailfish on the conventional tackle.

His experience and skill as an angler was on full display during the trip, proving that age is just a number when it comes to travel and fishing experiences and that one can continue to enjoy the sport of fishing at any age. 



January 18-21. Good to see the Sissa group back to pre covid size, 9 anglers fishing aboard Allure II and Fishy Business these guys always have the best time out there on the boats and back at the Lodge.

This year the bite was a little off, though they still got into sailfish every day, went 1 from 2 bites on blue marlin and boated plenty of dorado and tunas. Full hands on these guys, riggings baits, leading, gaffing, billing sailfish and releasing…

An incredible amount of life out there in the way of spinner porpoise, fin whales, bait, tuna and mahi mahi, though the water temp was a bit off for the billfish bite….

The core of the group have been coming to the Oasis since 2016 and have witnessed some pretty incredible fishing over the years. So this years trip was taken as it was, a blip in many good trips to Guatemala. They too are looking into dates for next years annual Guatemala fix. 


January 15-17 it was great to see this fishing couple back at the Lodge for their first international post covid trip! We feel privileged that they chose Guatemala and the Oasis as their first overseas excursion in 3 years!

The fishing was a bit slower than their last trip with us, but the hard yards were put in and results were had with sailfish released and a good amount of dorado to keep them busy.

The only thing is to be grateful for is that even though it was slow, the crew did get them on to fish and as experienced traveling fisher folk they understand that it’s the way to goes occasionally. The next trip back will put it all into perspective!



Definitely a slower than your average second half to January. A few factors have been in play with off colored water and cooler than average water temps. There is plenty of bait out there, the mahi bite has been exceptional along with spinner schools loaded with tuna out wide and a bunch of fin whales in the melee. It is only a matter of time before the currents swing bringing in the warmer water more conducive to the species we’re targeting!!

We’re fishing steady through the next couple of months and looking forward to the change. Don’t forget the summer months, May through end of August are some of our favorite months here in Guatemala.

Life is about experiences, make memories with us here a The Oasis and aboard Allure II



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