Vicky & Bill and Russell & Chris

Vicky, Bill, Russell, and Chris joined us in Guatemala for incredible fishing aboard Allure II. They took some time out of the billfish hunt to fish for tunas and XXL mahi mahi,  they also fished the bottom of the pocket for blue marlin and worked the west side of the pocket releasing 31 sailfish from 50 bites and also encountered a wahoo.  A day trip to the Colonial City of Antigua broke up the fishing. It was a remarkable time filled with great fishing and unforgettable moments at the Oasis.


Carol and Bobby with the mates boys Juliocito and Alejandro.

Bobby and Carol Richter from Port Aransas embarked on an extended fishing trip to Guatemala. They explored Antigua’s scenic wonders and enjoyed thrilling angling adventures aboard our Lodge panga. Utilizing both fly fishing and conventional techniques, they raised an impressive 68 sailfish and released 36. Venturing offshore, they encountered spinner dolphins and an abundance of tunas and raised a large blue marlin on the Bonze Lures teaser. Throughout their trip, they also relished a bountiful mango harvest, enjoying mango slushies, margaritas, and delectable mango sauce. Bobby and Carol’s visit was filled with unforgettable moments, blending the thrill of the catch with the delights of local cuisine. We invite you to experience Guatemala’s extraordinary fishing adventures both on and off the water. Book now and immerse yourself in the treasures of this remarkable destination.


CAST! Carol showing how it’s done.



Mike and Michael Merchant, all the way from Mississippi joined us for their first-ever trip to Guatemala, they were aboard the 31′ Bertram, accompanied by the skilled Captain Kennedy, for a remarkable two days of angling, combining both fly fishing and conventional techniques.

Their experience was nothing short of spectacular as they immersed themselves in the thrill of the sport. The Merchant duo had an absolute blast, especially when it came to targeting the majestic sailfish. With fly fishing rods in hand, they skillfully released an impressive tally of 5 sailfish. Not only that, but they also made good use of the conventional tackle, successfully releasing 11 more sailfish. The excitement didn’t stop there as they encountered several large mahi-mahis, which they expertly boated.

To add an extra touch of adventure to their trip, Mike and Michael decided to extend their stay in Guatemala. They spent two memorable nights in the captivating Spanish colonial city of Antigua, immersing themselves in its rich heritage and vibrant culture. Additionally, they embarked on a thrilling day trip, riding horses up the majestic Volcan Pacaya, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

We eagerly anticipate the return of Mike and Michael to our fishing paradise. The allure of Guatemala’s abundant waters and exhilarating fly fishing opportunities beckon them back for another incredible adventure. Join us and experience the thrill and beauty of fly fishing in Guatemala. Book your trip now and let us create an unforgettable angling experience for you.



On May 31st, we had the pleasure of welcoming Niki, Brayion, Jay, Casen, and AJ for an exhilarating half day of fishing in the beautiful waters of Guatemala. Our goal was to provide them with an unforgettable angling experience, and we certainly delivered!

As soon as we set sail, the action began. The fish were biting, and our skilled team ensured that Niki, Brayion, Jay, Casen, and AJ were right in the midst of the excitement. With 12 bites from sailfish, they successfully released an impressive total of 7. It was an incredible display of skill and determination, as they battled these acrobatic fish and witnessed their graceful release back into the ocean. Additionally, they had the pleasure of reeling in a couple of impressive dorado, weighing up to 40lbs each. These prized catches added an extra layer of excitement to their fishing adventure.

If you’re seeking a thrilling fishing experience in the pristine waters of Guatemala, look no further. Join us and let us guide you to incredible encounters with sailfish, dorado, and other prized catches. Book your adventure now and get ready for an unforgettable fishing excursion in Guatemala’s abundant waters.

That feeling after releasing your first billfish!



Embarking on the Allure II, Chad, Trey, Richard, and Randy fully immersed themselves in Guatemala’s exceptional fishing opportunities for three thrilling days from May 23rd to 25th. Their tally included 25 sailfish releases, encounters with two blue marlins, a striped marlin and successful landings of large dorado, tunas and broke off an impressive 80lb wahoo near the boat. This incredible journey showcases the allure of Guatemala’s abundant waters, where anglers find remarkable diversity and thrilling experiences. Whether battling sailfish, pursuing marlins, or reeling in mahi-mahi and tunas, Guatemala offers it all. Join us for your own unforgettable fishing adventure in Guatemala and create lasting memories on the water, just as Chad, Trey, Richard, and Randy did. Let our experienced crew guide you through an extraordinary fishing experience that will leave you longing for more. Book your trip now and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.


Delighted to welcome Brian, Kevin, John, and Trent back to Guatemala for an incredible fishing experience. The adventure began with a 200lb blue marlin, followed by exhilarating encounters with 22 sailfish, releasing 10. They also enjoyed landing good-sized mahi-mahi. Guatemala’s rich and diverse waters offer thrilling fishing adventures for all. Join us now for an unforgettable fishing experience, guided by our experienced team, creating lasting memories. Book your trip today!


Good blue marlin on the pitch bait for Brian!

As the summer season unfolds in Guatemala, anglers are greeted by the mesmerizing deep blue waters that set the stage for fantastic fishing conditions. The allure of this remarkable destination becomes undeniable as the sailfish, marlin, mahi-mahi, and tuna action reaches its peak, offering anglers incredible opportunities for thrilling encounters. While marlin sightings have been slightly slower than anticipated, there is an air of anticipation as we await their appearance in the coming days, promising a perfect conclusion to the summer season.

For those eager to embark on an unforgettable fishing adventure, there is still time to secure your spot. We are fishing fairly regularly through to July 17th though have availability from then on ensuring that you can seize the opportunity to reel in these prized catches. Additionally, August presents itself as an excellent month to visit, with the fishing conditions remaining exceptional. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in planning the fishing trip of a lifetime in Guatemala’s abundant waters.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the thrill of battling marlin and sailfish, the excitement of landing mahi-mahi, and the satisfaction of reeling in tuna. Book your fishing adventure in Guatemala now and prepare for an extraordinary journey that will leave you with cherished memories…….




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