February 5-8th we welcomed the much travelled Bonita Bay fishing Club to the Oasis for a 3 day individual angler tournament fishing aboard, Allure II, Intensity, Capt Hook, Tranquility and Sirena organized by club members Greg and Cindi Bedell.

Over their days on the water the group released 82 sailfish from 113 bites as well as 4 blue marlin 1 striped marlin and plenty of good sized mahi mahi!

It included a Grand Slam on Allure II for anglers Ron Conley with a striped marlin, Cindi Bedell with a solid 250lb blue marlin and a few sailfish each for the rest of the crew with Joanne Conley and Greg Bedell adding to the 7 total of sails for the day.

An even spread of fish seen between the boats with Intensity, Capt Hook and Sirena all releasing blue marlin as well…

Plenty of mahi for fresh lunches, ceviches, sashimi on the boats and dinner down at the Lodge…

Sailfish were at 100pts and marlin at 400pts so it came down to the wire and marlin releases…

And at the end of it all Ron Conley finished up on top with a blue marlin, a striped marlin and several sailfish. Cindi Bedell and Tiffany McCay tied for second spot and Simon Voss from Sweden took out third place. A fun and successful tournament all ’round despite the slower than average sailfish bite with their last day spent in Antigua and a few opting to fish their last day. We enjoyed hosting the Clubs annual Tournament, good luck to all next year in Costa Rica and we look forward to seeing the Club back here come 2022!


January 31st through to February the 2nd and finishing off in style with an amazing Super Bowl Sunday, we welcomed back our old buddies from Corpus Christi in for their 9th year to the Oasis and 3 days of fishing aboard Allure II, Intensity, Capt Hook and Tranquility. 

These fellas are good fisherman and made the most of their opportunities, hooking all their own fish, releasing 101 sailfish from 127 bites as well as 2 blue marlin and 1 striped marlin.

More than the fishing, last year this group raised over $3000.00 to help with much needed construction at the local primary school in Buena Vista. On their first day we visited the school to see the updates from last years projects along with a bunch of supplies including  x 5 laptop computers! Then this year the group went even further. All the Day $ in their mini tournament was donated by the winning teams as well as a bunch extra to finish off with $5000.00 in the pot for this years construction goals. Incredible show of generosity by these guys. Unbelievable and we’re super grateful to them and to help.

And a special mention to ‘Marlin Mike’ for his first blue marlin release. Awesome!!! 


January 27-28th Sherry Wolfe bought husband Robert a birthday gift to remember, 2 days fishing aboard the Captain Hook along with friends George and Stacey. The group released 9 sailfish along with 2 nice mahi…

Good to catch up with Robert out of Freeport after meeting him at the Texas Billfish Classic several times along with Sherry. We hope to see them and treat them to Oasis hospitality again….!


January 27-28th we also hosted the Franklin Bachelor Pachanga for Jim Franklins son Robert. Fishing aboard Allure II, Intensity and King and I the group released 39 sailfish along with 2 striped marlin!


January 23 though 26th good to see Tim Lonsdale down here this time with our mate from the SFFD Jonathan Rider for this trip in place of long time fishing buddy Brian Shinkle.

The pair experienced good fishing here with 97 sailfish in the spread and 39 releases from 86 bites. Some finicky fish in the mix!


Father and son teams Nick and 11 year old Paxton Hardin along with Chris and 10 year old Hamilton Gavlick were back down and fishing with us January 20-22nd and had a great all round time with the boys.


Good fishing for the team as well with 57 sailfish raised and they released 29 from 50 bites along with a couple of nice dorado….


The prediction is a great late season bite here in Guatemala! A bit slower than average right now though it’s going to pick up and we’re expecting it to get back to normal and a better than average summer. 

Contact us to get in on April through August billftshing at its best, multiple blue marlin days along with a good sailfish bite:


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