Chasco Construction out of Austin TX have been making the annual sojourn to Guatemala since 2018 and it was fantastic to see them back again with us this past week.

The fishing did not disappoint with 112 sailfish released and 25 mahi boated between the group over 2 days!! Red hot fishing right there…. Their last day the group split up with 8 opting for the guided tour of Antigua and 4 of the crew aboard Allure II for the day. Good times for both groups with Allure II releasing 8 sailfish bringing the total for their trip to 120 releases!!



First time to Guatemala for these guys and they’ve re-booked for next year already which about sums up their trip!

Over their 2 days on the water they had 78 sailfish bites! Consistent action and jumping in the deep end with the circle hooks, it is. technique and they were getting it on their last day out releasing 31 sailfish and boating 8 solid mahi mahi…




Sean and Isabel from Iowa came down for the full Guatemalan Experience and our team organised an exciting itinerary which started with 4 nights at the Oasis and 3 days fishing aboard Allure II…

Their trip started with excellent fishing! One blue marlin for Isabel, 45 sailfish releases from 78 bites on the billfish front and they took a day out wide chasing tunas landing 6 in the 35-40lb range…

On top of that they boated 6 good 25-30lb class mahi mahi! The best way to kick off their week long adventure….

From the fishing they explored Lake Atitlan and the surrounding area incorporating bird watching and were incredibly fortunate to spot the rare national bird of Guatemala, the Quetzal!

From Lago Atitlan they went to the 16th century Spanish Colonial City of Antigua and then on to hike Volcan Acatenango at 13,041ft. Camping overnight they got front row seats to the light show that the active Volcan Fuego right next door puts on.

Volcan Fuego to the left and Acatenango to the right.

And from there to the NE corner of Guatemala, in the jungle of Peten to visit the famous Mayan ruins of Tikal.

That is a true Guatemalan adventure right there, from the Pacific Coast to the Highlands and on to the jungle lowlands on the Atlantic side. Tbis from Isabel:

“Thankyou so much for the planning and organising of our trip. It was one fantastic time full of adventure and without any setbacks. Thankyou for all the meticulous planning, it was truly amazing!!”



In from Texas for 2 days of flyfishing, David and Ron joined the crew on Allure II and had a blast.

Some of the fish were a bit tough to tease in and switch to the fly though plenty of fish out there helped that with 16 biting the fly from the 43 sailfish raised.

A fun 2 days!




Awesome to see Ron and Debbie back down here with our good friends Bobby and Carol giving it a crack on the fly. Ron and Debbie both released their first sails on the fly and are now officially hooked!

They raised 44 sailfish and 2 blue marlin over their last 2 days on the water releasing 9 sailfish, unfortunately the blues did not tease in.

The first 2 days Bobby invited the junior mates Alejandro and Juliocito along and the team got into the sailfish pretty good, releasing a few on the fly and several on the conventional tackle. The boys even released one each on the fly.




Good to see the Dr’s without boarders back to the Lodge and on the water.

They do good work here in Guatemala and taking a couple of days out at the end of their ‘tour’ they released 2 blue marlin and had 25 sailfish bites over their 2 days.

Keith is on his 4th trip back here at the Oasis and with only a half day on his last day fished Piragua with Capt Manolo for the morning. A big congratulations to him, he released a striped marlin on the fly first thing in the morning!




From Galveston our mate Billy Newell organised his group for some Spring Fishing in Guatemala aboard Allure II, Capt Hook and Intensity. A couple of new faces one the group so the pressure is always on for the fishing to be as good as the last few times he has been down….

Well it started pretty damn impressively with Capt Jono and the crew putting Billy and his crew on to a Grand Slam their first day on the water. One blue marlin, one striped marlin and 23 from 52 bites on sailfish. What a day. The other boats were on to them as well with a solid 300lb blue marlin and 19 sailfish releases between them…

The great fishing carried on with 96 sailfish released for their 3 days, 2 blue marlin and 2 striped marlin along with mahi mahi for fresh fish tacos.





Been a while since we’ve seen Kelley and Gina Erwin down here, but it was a blast hosting them and their family for 2 days of fishing aboard Allure II and Capt Hook.

The fishing was nothing short of epic for them!

Gina with a stud bull mahi

And a SLAM the next day for the girls fishing aboard Capt Hook!! Their x 2 days on the water produced 37 sailfish releases, 3 blue marlin and 2 striped marlin with the Capt Hook having a spectacular last day with the girls releasing one blue marlin, two striped marlin and 12 sailfish. Adding to Allure’s 2 day total of 18 sailfish one blue and a stripey. 

Some happy fisho’s there

Kelley and Gina stayed on an extra day to play golf at the Maya Golf Club while the kids flew home. An excellent trip all round! This from Gina:



This season has just been quality fishing and shows no sign of slowing up. We are doing some boat and Lodge maintenance the first few weeks of May before cranking into it again. Summertime is blue marlin and tuna time. The sailfish are ever present along with the mahi mahi so it’s a great time of year to target different species. We are open and taking bookings through into August. Make the most of this great fishing, great summer temperatures (it’s cooler than Texas) and the awesome Lodge vibe at the Oasis.


















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